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South Canol Road to Quiet Lake. Yukon

The South Canol meanders 220 km (143 miles) from Johnsons Crossing (Alaska Hwy) to Ross River (Campbell Hwy). There are no services along the road.

There is one territorial campground and several recreation sites.
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6 September 2007

After a quiet night at Squanga Lake Yukon gov't campground (km 1316 Alaska Hwy), we backtracked 20 km to Johnsons Crossing (km 1296). There was a commercial campground at Johnsons Crossing.

I asked about conditions on the South Canol. Turns out a fellow buying coffee was responsible for road maintenance in the area and he told us there was some freshly graded areas, some recent repair of washouts and the road was in reasonable condition.

So we ventured north on the South Canol Road.

Northbound on the South Canol Road, Yukon
Northbound from the south end of the South Canol Road at km 13

The road was good gravel and varied from one to two lanes wide. Initially the scenery was not overly spectacular; however the fall colors added emphasis to the sights.

Marsh along the South Canol Road, Yukon
Meadow and creek along South Canol Road at km 14

Northbound on the South Canol Road, Yukon
Northbound on the South Canol Road between the Alaska Highway and Evelyn Creek

Some of the vistas were very nice. The landscape was expansive.

South Canol Road, Yukon
View from top of hill near km 29 on the South Canol Road, northbound

The bridges were single-lane. Generally the wood decks were in good condition.

Evelyn Creek on South Canol Road, Yukon
Evelyn Creek at km 43

The road was in better condition than we anticipated. The miles were rolling by quickly. There were few signs along the road and many places to pull over to relax.

Lunch stop on South Canol Road, Yukon
Lunch stop at km 50, above the Nisutlin River 

Quiet Lake Yukon Government campground (km 76) was quiet. The campsites did not have a view of the lake. We camped at the boat launch. During our two day stay, no one launched a boat. 

Quiet Lake on South Canol Road, Yukon
Quiet Lake boat launch and campsite

Steve decided he wanted to soak in the water. We weren't sure how long it would be before the RV's fresh water tank could be refilled so he took advantage of the water in the lake.

Steve at Quiet Lake, Yukon along the South Canol Road
Jake watching Steve take a dip in Quiet Lake

The campground seems to also get use in winter. The picnic shelter had a sign on it.

Sign at Quiet Lake, South Canol Road, Yukon
Sign on the picnic shelter at Quiet Lake campground

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