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Snag Lake to Kluane Lake area, Yukon

We left Beaver Creek late in the afternoon on June 22 planning to stay the night at the Snag Junction campground about a half hour south of Beaver Creek. The campground was busy so we headed down a nearby side road that we had explored a couple of days before.

23 June 2008

Woke to a rainy, overcast day. The wind had settled though.

Snag Lake, Yukon (YT)
Waking up alongside a lake near the Alaska Highway and Snag

Within a few minutes of driving there was a cow moose and calf seen beside a lake.

Moose between Snag and White River, Yukon
Cow moose and calf alongside a lake between Snag and White River

As we crossed the White River bridge I looked up the river. There was another cow with calf!
The cow and her calf are barely visible in the picture below.

Moose at White River, Yukon (YT)
Looking west up the White River, from the bridge, with a cow moose and calf barely visible

Below are those two moose in an enlarged portion of the picture.

Moose and calf at White River, Yukon
Cow moose and calf on the White River

I got a another photo of a moose by the Alaska Highway.

Moose between Donjek & White River, Yukon

Then very soon another one, a bull this time and another photo taken through the window.

Moose near the Donjek River, Yukon

Then there were a couple of bulls making a quick exit!

Two young bull moose, Yukon

The rainy cool day may have been the reason for the moose-sightings, with a total of 8 moose between Snag and Donjek River!

As we approached the Donjek River, I had mixed feelings about the new river bridge.
Yes, it looks good, but I miss the old bridge that was there in the 1960s!

Donjek River bridge, Yukon
New Donjek bridge on the left and old out-of-service bridge on the right

We arrived at the Congdon Creek campground alongside Kluane Lake in the early afternoon. 
After unhooking the trailer, we drove further for some exploring.

First, we headed south through the construction area north of the Slim's River bridge.

Construction along Kluane Lake, Yukon

And ventured to another of our favourite spots, Silver City...

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