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June 2008 - driving from Vancouver Island to Yukon

The goal this year was to visit my home town of Beaver Creek on the longest day of the year.
We also had one more highway to drive before being able to say we had driven every highway in the Yukon, the Silver Trail to Mayo and Keno.

12 June 2008 Depart south Vancouver Island, BC BC Ferry & Hwy 1
13 June 2008 Lower Mainland to Lac La Hache, BC Hwy 1 & Hwy 97
14 June 2008 Lac La Hache to Burns Lake, BC Hwy 97 & Hwy 16
15 June 2008 Burns Lake to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, BC Cassiar Hwy
16 June 2008 Meziadin Lake to Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park, BC Cassiar Hwy
17 June 2008 Kinaskan Lake to Boya Lake Provincial Park, BC Cassiar Hwy
18 June 2008 Boya Lake, BC to Teslin, YT Cassiar Hwy & Alaska Hwy
19 June 2008 Teslin to Kathleen Lake in Kluane National Park, YT Alaska Hwy & Haines Rd
20 June 2008 Kathleen Lake to Beaver Creek , YT Alaska Hwy
21 June 2008 Beaver Creek, YT Alaska Hwy
22 June 2008 Beaver Creek area Alaska Hwy
23 June 2008 Snag to Congdon Creek at Kluane Lake, YT Alaska Hwy
23 June 2008 Silver City historical site and the east side of Kluane Lake Alaska Hwy
24 June 2008 Kluane Lake to Haines Junction, YT Alaska Hwy
24 June 2008 Haines Junction to Dezadeash Lake, YT Haines Rd
25 June 2008 Dezadeash Lake to Kusawa Lake, YT Alaska Hwy
26 June 2008 Kusawa Lake to Whitehorse, YT Alaska Hwy
27 June 2008 Whitehorse to Five Mile Lake near Mayo, YT N Klondike Hwy & Silver Trail
28 June 2008 Mayo to Keno then back to Mayo, YT Silver Trail
29 June 2008 Mayo to Dawson City , YT North Klondike Hwy
30 June 2008 Dawson City to Tatchun Lake, YT North Klondike Hwy
01 July 2008 Tatchun Lake to Frenchman Lake, YT Campbell Hwy
02 July 2008 Frenchman Lake to Ross River & Lapie Canyon near Ross River, YT Campbell Hwy
03 July 2008 Lapie Canyon to Lapie Lake, YT South Canol Rd
04 July 2008 Lapie Lake to Frances Lake, YT Campbell Hwy
05 July 2008 Frances Lake to Watson Lake, YT Campbell Hwy
06 July 2008 Watson Lake to Liard River Hot springs (Alaska Hwy), BC Alaska Hwy
07 July 2008 Liard River Hot springs, BC Alaska Hwy
08 July 2008 Liard  River Hot springs to Watson Lake to Boya Lake, BC Cassiar Hwy
09 July 2008 Boya Lake to Meziadin Lake and Stewart BC & Hyder AK Cassiar Hwy
10 July 2008 Meziadin Lake to Vanderhoof, BC Hwy 16
11 July 2008 Vanderhoof to Skihist Provincial Park in BC Fraser Canyon Hwy 16, 97 & Hwy 1
12 July 2008 Skihist Provincial Park to Vancouver Island Hwy 1