Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Meziadin Lake to Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park
Cassiar Highway

25 August 2009 - Tuesday

Eeeew-weeee ... it RAINED last night.  All night.  Hard!  However, it was a bit drier by the time breakfast was done and the dogs were ready for walking!

Meziadin Lake campground
Meziadin Lake campground showing RVs parked along the lake's edge 

We both looked forward to the short drive to Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park today.  The feeling of "getting away from it all" was creeping into our systems, finally!

Cassiar Highway
Cassiar Highway northbound between Meziadin Lake and Kinaskan Lake

I admit that I made my poor husband back the fifth wheel into three different campsites before feeling we had the PERFECT spot!  The man is an angel ... didn't complain once!

Kinaskan Lake campground
View of Kinaskan lake from our campsite along the lakeshore

Later in the evening the rainy drizzle started.  Nothing too serious though, but enough for the EZ-up to come out and the awning extended to provide some protective cover.

Kinaskan Lake
The perfect campsite at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park and campground; it was raining 

Tazz enjoyed playing in the lake, no problem for her that it was raining!

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