Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Kitimat BC

13 September 2009 - Sunday

Friend Gary set out a great breakfast and then kindly gave us a tour of Kitimat, an industrial town built in the 1950s to attract industry.  Kitimat has been home to one of the world's largest smelters, as well as a pulp and paper mill and petrochemical manufacturer.

Alcan Mill at Kitimat BC
Mill at Kitimat BC

The town is in an extremely scenic area of the coastal mountains, situated at the end of the Douglas Channel (a 130 nautical mile fjord).  There is an area along the river right by the town that provides good riverside boondocking for the fishing enthusiasts.

Kitimat BC
South of Kitimat looking north towards the mill and town

After grocery shopping, dumping the tanks and filling with water, we moseyed north to Lakelse Lake Provincial Park.  It was very quiet in the park.  The campground attendant told us this was the last weekend the park was open for camping. 

Lots of good hiking in the park, and some interesting & colourful mushrooms ...

Mushroom at Lakelse Lake Provincial Park

Mushroom at Lakelse Lake Provincial Park 

It was too overcast and damp to get pictures of the park and area.  Tazz, our high-energy puppy, broke her toe this evening while enthusiastically charging along a boat ramp and into the water. Friend Gary dropped by our campsite for BBQ steak and some excellent Yukon beer, making for a very pleasant evening!   

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