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Kitimat to Granisle BC on Hwy 16 and Hwy 118

14 September 2009 - Monday

After an excellent night's sleep and good dog walk we were on the road. Driving from Terrace to Smithers the landscape shifted from coastal to interior. The coastal dampness eased a bit, but there were still rain showers.

Nearing Smithers and lunchtime we made our way to a regional park at Lake Kathlyn. The small parking lot wasn't busy so it was easy to turn the fifth wheel around and get pointed back towards the highway. While at the lake, some bird enthusiasts showed up and were quite excited about something. We enjoyed the pleasant scenery.

Lake Kathlyn near Smithers BC
Lake Kathlyn Regional Park near Smithers BC

Glacier near Smithers BC
Glacier on Hudson Bay Mountain, visible from Lake Kathlyn Regional Park near Smithers BC

We decided it would be interesting to visit Topley Landing and Granisle on the shores of Babine Lake, all north of Hwy 16 at the end of Hwy 118. The map indicated that Red Bluff Provincial Park was in that area, although we expected it to be closed this time of year. The maps also showed numerous recreation sites so we were confident there would be someplace to park overnight.

The road was in good condition all the way. Topley Landing was a small lakeside community. Granisle was a larger community further north that had obviously once been a busy town. Now, many of the homes were for sale and most of the shops were closed.

Much to our delight, Red Bluff Provincial Park was open for overnight camping! The park operator told us he had some maintenance to do in the park so was keeping it open while he was on site. It was a very nice spot, and obviously popular in summer. The beach was great.

The trail to Red Bluff Point had a side trail leading to a marshy area.

Red Bluff Provincial Park near Granisle BC
Marsh area in Red Bluff Provincial Park, good for bird watching

Further along the trail, there is a great viewpoint of the Babine Lake and the bluffs for which the park is named.

Babine Lake at Red Bluff Provincial Park near Granisle BC
View of Babine Lake, looking north from Red Bluff Provincial Park

Later in the evening while exploring the many recreation sites along the shores of Babine Lake north of Granisle, a black bear showed himself along the road. The sky was getting dark so the picture is a bit out of focus due to the long exposure.

Bear near Granisle BC
Black bear near Granisle BC

There were many people camped in the recreation sites. Some of the sites were roomy while others were a bit tight. We were glad to have the provincial park/campground to stay in, and enjoyed a quiet evening as we were the only folks there. 

We logged 360 km between Lakelse Provincial Park to Red Bluff Provincial Park.

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