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Hwy 99 from Pemberton to BC Ferry to Vancouver Island

18 September 2009 - Friday

Today was the last day on the road. The highway between Whistler and Vancouver would be interesting though, due to the many upgrades in preparation for the winter Olympics in February 2010. We hit the road, destined for Horseshoe Bay.

Hwy 99 near Pemberton
Highway 99 southbound soon after departing Nairn Falls Provincial Park near Pemberton 

South of Whistler and Squamish the scenery to the west makes a dramatic change, with the Squamish Harbour and Howe Sound visible to the west.

Highway 99 between Whistler and Horseshoe Bay BC
View from Highway 99 southbound 

Highway 99 was in great shape, with new asphalt and paint lines guiding the way. There is also lots of no-post concrete barrier edging the route and dividing the highway.

Hwy 99 between Whistler and Horseshoe Bay, BC
Hwy 99 southbound, nearing Horseshoe Bay

Hwy 99 near Horseshoe Bay, BC
Looking north at Bowyer Island from near Horseshoe Bay

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Looking back north at Hwy 99 from Squamish 

Friday afternoons can be VERY busy at the ferry terminals. The ferries were running late today and we were told we had a couple of hours to wait. As usual, the loading was uneventful. The scenery as the ferry departs from the terminal is very nice at this location. Lots of mountains, rocks and trees! Oh, and water too.

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Looking north from BC Ferry 

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Coastline viewed from BC Ferry 

Passing another ferry is a common occurrence. On the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay route the ferries usually sneak by each other in Active Pass, which adds to the excitement.

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
A BC Ferry viewed from a BC Ferry!

Keep the eyes open for whales, dolphins, barges ...

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Barge at work, viewed from BC Ferry

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Looking north from BC Ferry in the Strait of Georgia

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Ocean traffic viewed from ferry 

Mount Baker was out in blue skies, but air wasn't exactly clear. In the picture below, the smog of the Lower Mainland is evident.

BC Ferry - Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay
Mount Baker viewed from BC Ferry between Horseshoe Bay and Departure Bay

And so our 2009 trip wraps up, back on Vancouver Island. Time to start planning for 2010!

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