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Little Salmon Lake on the Robert Campbell Highway to
Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway

18 August 2010 - Wednesday

It wasn't raining in the morning but the skies were thick with overcast.

The drive from Little Salmon Lake through to Carmacks had some light drizzle so the picture taking opportunities were limited. That was disappointing as I hoped to update my image collection for this area. On the highway, the first sign we saw reminded us there may be elk in the area.

Campbell Highway in Yukon
Sign on the Campbell Highway

But there wasn't any elk. The road was in good condition, the skies variable and the wildlife sighting was very poor. 

Campbell Highway in Yukon
Headed northwest on the Campbell Highway

Westbound on the Campbell Highway in Yukon

In Carmacks while filling with diesel we chatted with some locals about the Taylor Highway. It was still closed to larger rigs. The only other direction we could go was to Whitehorse. And so we turned south on the Klondike Highway.

Heading south to Whitehorse on the North Klondike Highway in Yukon
Nearing the Whitehorse area southbound on the Klondike Highway

Checked into the Caribou RV Park on the outskirts of Whitehorse, on the south side. Without a doubt, the best laundry facilities I've seen in Yukon! The unlimited free showers were also a welcome surprise. The Wi-Fi was also reliable when in the laundry room but not so good at our campsite. The park was small and tidy though with a relaxed pace when we were there.

Also fit in some grocery shopping and a trip to the liquor store for our favorite brew by Yukon Brewing -- we both enjoy the Espresso Stout and Lead Dog Ale. Headed downtown ...

Whitehorse along the Yukon River
Driving towards downtown Whitehorse on Robert Service Blvd, along the Yukon River

While downtown we parked at the Visitor Centre which has ample RV parking, and just had to take some pictures of this rig also parked there ...

Odd RV in Whitehorse, Yukon
RV? rig in downtown Whitehorse

The sign on the side of the truck read: Menrad's on tour - the world is our home.

Odd RV in Whitehorse, Yukon
It made our 4x4 look ... well ... tiny! Sure would need good knees for this rig!

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