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Deadman Lake AK on the Alaska Hwy to
the start of Nabesna Road AK

22 August 2010 - Sunday

We had a late start this a.m. Didn't get on the road until about 10 a.m. Alaska time, which would be 11 a.m. in the Yukon. However, we enjoyed bacon & eggs for breakfast and took a leisurely dog walk before heading out.

It was chilly last night, but no frost. Almost, but not quite.

Junction of the Taylor Highway & Alaska Highway
Junction of the Taylor Highway with the Alaska Highway, viewed northbound

Nearing Tok, the Tanana River was getting a new bridge.

New bridge being built over the Tanana River in Alaska
Crossing the Tanana River, with the new bridge on the right

In Tok it was time for grocery shopping. Steve also wanted a fishing licence, it was $80 for a 14 day licence! That was three times the cost of a non-resident licence in the Yukon, and the Yukon licence was good for the season!

After chores were done, we turned west on to the Tok Cut-off headed towards Nabesna Road. There were several campgrounds and recreation sites along the way. Maybe would stop in one of those for the night.   

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
Westbound on the Glenn Highway

Lunch stop at a rest area provided a scenic break from the road.

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
View southward from our lunch stop on the Glenn Highway - N63 00.816 W143 22.573

The clouds kept threatening to rain and the sun kept threatening to shine! Both were better than snow so we didn't complain too much! 

Carrying on we soon discovered the frost heaves again. Had to keep eyes on the road despite the great landscape around us.

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
Frost heaves on the Glenn Highway - N62 57.102 W143 22.469

I had to take a picture of the sign for a rest area!
We surely weren't enticed by it ... who wants to stop under a leaning tree? 

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
Sign indicating turnoff for a rest area - N62 51.761 W143 40.560

Further along the highway, the frost heaves only got better (worse?). These are tough ones when you are towing a trailer. Needless to say, we weren't making good time! 

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
Frost heaves on the Glenn Highway - N62 47.335 W143 46.431

Before we knew it, the turn off to the Nabesna Road was in front of us.

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
Signs marking turn off to Nabesna Road

The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park was the attraction for us. This road would take us along the other side of the Wrangell Mountains that were seen a few days before from the Alaska Highway south of Beaver Creek.

On the Glenn Highway in Alaska
Slana, Nabesna and Wrangell - St. Elias National Park turnoff - N62 42 48.2 W143 59 19.6

First stop was at the ranger station to get an off-road permit for Steve's trials bike, required for riding off-road in the National Park. Also checked on the rules for the park. The ranger advised we could overnight anywhere we found a spot and suggested we not be too fussy because it was hunting season. She also recommended we not take the trailer past Twin Lakes because there was a wet creek crossing that was very soft and she worried the trailer would get bogged down. We were also told the Twin Lakes recreation site was under construction and there was no camping there.

With that we headed off. It was getting late, so we planned to pull in at the first reasonable spot. Luck was with us ... the first spot was just 10 km (6 miles) down the road. It was perfect! Plenty of room to park & camp beside Rufus Creek. 

Nabesana Road
Overnight spot at Mile 6 on the Nabesna Road - N62 39.576 W143 50.670

Steve wanted to fish in the creek and catch dinner. I strolled around and took some photos.

On Nabesna Road in Alaska
Flower island in Rufus Creek

Rufus Creek on Nabesna Road in Alaska
Rufus Creek alongside Nabesna Road

Tazz enjoyed following me around. I appreciated her presence, ever mindful that there could be bears in the vicinity.  Tazz was a great bear dog. The best!

On Nabesna Road in Alaska
Tazz, our 18-month-old dog at Rufus Creek

Steve caught some undersized graylings so let them be free. Steak for supper. The evening was quiet with only a few vehicles going by on Nabesna Road.

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