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Wasilla to Denali State Park, Alaska

1 September 2010 - Wednesday

Neither of us slept in this morning.  Weren't feeling too comfy in our present location and couldn't wait to hit the road.  This morning after the dog walk, the black & grey tanks were dumped, fresh water filled, and we wormed our way out of the RV park.

Low overcast clouds and fog enveloped the highway.  No sightseeing on the Parks Highway this a.m.  Then at Trapper Creek the sky magically cleared! 

We stopped in at the Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park.  Sure wish we'd had an extra 100 miles in us last night ... this spot was very nice.  Tidy & clean with a good little store.  The folks inside were very helpful too.

Our goal today was the Byers Lake campground in Denali State Park, just another
30 miles north.

First, a stop at the Denali Viewpoint South.  The Milepost indicated there was camping here, and there was, but just drycamping on a paved parking lot.  I had the impression that the $10 fee was a deterrent for folks wishing to overnight in the parking area.

Apparently, Denali (Mt. McKinley) is visible from here.  But we didn't see it today. 

Denali State Park, Alaska
According to the sign, Denali was right THERE -- but it wasn't today.  The trees in the sign were there though!

Even though THE mountain wasn't visible, it was still a lovely view.

Denali State Park, Alaska
View from Denali Viewpoint South

Byers Lake was just another 10 miles.  Our spirits were lifting too!

Parks Highway, Alaska
Northbound at Mile 141 on the Parks Highway

Pulled into Byers Lake campground in Denali State Park.  This time of year it had only a handful of sites occupied.  We found one to our liking and set up camp.  The fee was only $10 a night!  Almost half the price of the US Forest Service campgrounds!

It felt good to have a nice little quiet spot in the bush again!  We had a quiet evening hiking with Tazz and exploring the lakeshore.  There is a network of trails here, including one that goes around the lake.

Steve tried some fishing from the kayak with no luck.  Numerous bugs in the area so decided to not have a fire; went to bed early to catch the 40 winks we missed last night.

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