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Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park, B.C.

30 September 2010 - Thursday

It was a lovely cool night on the shores of Kentucky Lake.

The morning was spectacular too!  Clear blue skies without a cloud in the air.

The "beach" at Kentucky Lake is interesting.  Walk too close to the water and your feet sink, and sink, and sink.  I think there must be a few shoes embedded in the muck.  Apparently the white sand is glacial silt and feet ooze deep into the quicksand.  Thus, there are logs and boards placed strategically around the beach.

Kentucky Lake, British Columbia
The beach at Kentucky Lake near the campground at Kentucky-Alleyne Lake Provincial Park

We both took time to walk, explore, poke around, and generally waste time.

Kentucky Lake, British Columbia
Steve on the shoreline of Kentucky Lake

The morning mist on the lake was picture perfect too.

Kentucky Lake, British Columbia
Mist on a mirror flat Kentucky Lake

We wanted to explore some of the back roads so headed out with the truck.  There are numerous recreation sites in the area west of this park.  Would the fifth wheel fit and was it reasonable to haul in on the gravel roads?  We learned it was!  Now we had more options for our next visit to this area.

Later in the day we unloaded the kayaks to explore Kentucky Lake.  The south end of the lake was interesting, with a small cove.  No place to get out of the kayaks though, unless we wanted to sink up to our knees in muck!

Paddling back towards the campground I noted on the GPS map a small lake to the east of Kentucky Lake.  We found a rocky beach solid enough to stand upon and tethered the kayaks to a tree.  Then hiked to the lake following the GPS ... it was lovely too!

Fishing hole near Kentucky Lake, B.C.
Small lake east of Kentucky Lake - N49 53.544 W120 33.779

Steve had his fishing gear so cast his line while I sat in the sun and took some pictures.  The silence was soothing to our souls.

Then ... Steve caught a trout!  This was his first trout this trip! 
No problem deciding what to have for dinner tonight.

Fishing hole near Kentucky Lake, B.C.
Steve was happy about his first trout this trip!

Back at the kayaks, the wind had come up on Kentucky Lake.  The campground wasn't too far north though; would need a bit more muscle power to get back though.

Kentucky Lake, B.C.
The RVs at Kentucky Lake are visible on the distant shore - the small white dots in the middle

We were enjoying our visit to Kentucky Lake.  It was nice to sit still and relax.

The campground attendant told us the campground was closing tomorrow - October 1.  Everyone had to leave!  How ironic ... the weather was better than it had been for weeks!  The campsites at Alleyne Lake are open year-round while Kentucky Lake is gated. 

No problem ... it was time to get home anyway!  We had to return to work on October 4.

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