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Faro to Whitehorse, Campbell & North Klondike Hwys

5 May 2013 - Sunday

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Faro and searching for flocks of cranes and sheep. The amount of snow was surprising, however the crews had done a superb job of clearing what they could and making viewing areas accessible.

It would be about a five hour drive home so we hit the road after the dog walk.

Little Salmon Lake
Little Salmon Lake

Much of the snow had melted while we were at Faro. 

Campbell Hwy
Westbound on the Campbell Highway

Last summer on the way home from Frenchman Lake there was a cyclist climbing the hill pictured below. We chuckled because ...

Campbell Highway

... there was a bear chasing the cyclist, caught on camera below! The bear noticed us approaching and stopped its chase and headed for the ditch.

Campbell Highway
Bear moving off the road after having chased the cyclist for a couple of hundred yards

At Carmacks we took on some fuel, but only enough to get home. We suspected the truck was not running well due to bad diesel from our fill-up on the way to Faro.

There is a very attractive sign on the south side of Carmacks. We stopped for a break but then didn't stay long. The rest area was filthy and dirty. Broken liquor bottles and beer cans strewn about. Very sad to see this in such a scenic area.

North Klondike Highway
Community sign at Carmacks

Further south the marshes were coming alive as the ice melted.

North Klondike Highway
Frozen waterway along the North Klondike Highway

Fox Lake is a popular fishing spot, in winter & summer. This time of year the ice is giving way to the water below. Nice to look at but dangerous to be on.

Fox Lake, North Klondike Highway
Fox Lake was still frozen too

The Fox Lake campground is a popular spot. Maintenance crews had plowed it out and the gates were open.

Fox Lake Campground
Sign marking the entrance to Fox Lake Campground

After a stretch of the legs, we enjoyed some lunch along the lake's shore.

Fox Lake
Shoreline along Fox Lake at the campground

Back on the road for the final run home ...

North Klondike Highway
Sun was shining and the marsh was clearing of ice

North Klondike HighwayApproaching Lake Laberge

The North Klondike Highway is a T-intersection with the Alaska Highway. We live west of Whitehorse so turned towards Haines Junction. Much less snow in the area!

Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway heading toward Haines Junction

Back home safely!

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