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North Klondike and Top of the World Highways, Yukon

28 June 2015 - Sunday

The morning was dampish but not too bad overall. After our dog walk, we hit the road northbound to Dawson City, which was only 160 km from our campsite at Moose Creek.

rain on the North Klondike Hwy
A bit of rain on the highway, this looking northward

The rain cleared a bit, which was a good thing. There were numerous construction zones with gravel sections that would be muddy when wet.

Bus on the North Klondike Highway
A Holland America tour bus headed south while I drive northward

There's a nice rest area by Gravel Lake. Good place to stretch the legs.

Lake on the North Klondike Highway
Gravel Lake alongside the North Klondike Highway

There was a busy wildfire season in early June. The weather was dry and hot. The North Klondike Highway was closed for a short while when a fire burned nearby the highway.

North Klondike Highway with recent forest fire
Freshly burned area alongside the North Klondike Highway near the Flat Creek area

Soon we were near the junction of the Dempster Highway. We filled with fuel at the junction because it is significantly more affordable than in Dawson City.

Approaching the Dempster Highway
Approaching the Dempster Highway junction

In Dawson City we picked up our niece and then continued west across the Yukon River and up the Top of the World Highway. We planned to camp there overnight at a favourite spot, then return to Dawson tomorrow and continue up the Dempster.

Westbound on the Top of the World Highway
Westbound on the Top of the World Highway

good gravel highway on the Top of the World Highway
Continuing westward on the Top of the World Highway

There's a reason it's called Top of the World
Distant rain showers and thunder storm

It wasn't too long before we arrived at our favourite spot to camp along the highway.

Secret camping spot
Camping spot along the Top of the World Highway

There were numerous thunderclaps and the storms blew by without getting us wet. Mother Nature put on quite a show though!

Rain threatening but blew over
Thunder storm in the distance. That's the highway in the foreground and in the distance

Later in the evening we went for a dog walk across the hill tops.

Evening dog walk
Hiking with the dogs

The border crossing is closed in the evening, so it was a quiet night on the mountaintops. Very relaxing around the campfire!

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