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Whitehorse to Liard River (hotsprings), Alaska Highway

7 September 2015 - Monday

It had been a few years since we took some weeks off to travel with the RV. This year we decided to head south on the Alaska Highway to Grande Prairie, Alberta, so we could include a good shopping trip in a city with many stores! Kind of exciting!

The weather was good as we headed south. We stopped every couple of hours so the dogs could stretch their legs and take a pee. Humans like to stretch their legs too.

Rest Stop along the Alaska Highway in yukon
Squan Lake rest area

Looking back at the rest stop in Yukon
Fall colours near the Squan Lake rest area, this looking northward

The fall colours were highlighting the scenery all around.

Approaching Squanga Lake campground
Approaching Squanga Lake Yukon Gov't campground

Some overcast moved in as we approached Teslin YT southbound.

Teslin River
Looking south on the Teslin River near Johnson's Crossing

Yukon Motel in Teslin
Yukon Motel in Teslin where we usually fill with fuel. The RV park is decent too.

We have fond memories of Morley Lodge. In December 1998, the owner opened his shower shack and lodge to us during one of our Christmas trips. He made us a great breakfast too. A very nice man. Sadly, he died a couple of years later and the lodge has been closed since.

Morley River Lodge in Yukon
Morley River lodge - now closed

South of Teslin, the Alaska Highway dips into British Columbia for about 60 km. Then the highway returns to Yukon.

Fall colours along the Alaska Highway
Fall colours in British Columbia, near the Swan Lake rest area southbound

Still in B.C., there was some construction and bridge repairs at Partridge Creek.

Bridge Repairs at Partridge Creek
Bridge repairs - the lane was narrow!

Rancheria Lodge, where we camped overnight in March 2013. A chilly night, that was!

Rancheria Lodge in Yukon
Rancheria Motel & RV Park

Fall colours
Lowland area near the Liard River

There's a small Yukon gov't campground at Big Creek. Usually very quiet as it isn't that popular. We like it though, and often stay overnight. But today we continued on as we wanted to get to Liard Hotsprings for the night.

Big Creek north of Watson Lake
Big Creek campground north of Watson Lake

Carrying on through Watson Lake, then into British Columbia

British Columbia border southbound
British Columbia - southbound on the Alaska Highway

Bison sign
Bison warning

The sky cleared again and the fall colours were brilliant.

Fall colours through Britisih Columbia
Brilliant colours in the sunshine

This section of highway always, always has Wood Bison along it. This time they were on it!

Wood bison on the Alaska Highway
oops - we were delayed a while here

Bison on the highway
There's no rushing the bison - if they want to stand on the highway, so be it

Pair of bison
These two were about to mate

Carrying on southbound, still trying to make it to Liard.

Liard River valley
The Liard River valley is down to the right

Liard River
Liard River

Fireside motel and RV Park

Distance sign
Southbound for another 58 km

Liard River
Liard River with the sun setting

More bison as we neared Liard!

More bison
More bison as we neared Liard Hotsprings

Too many legs
The bison had too many legs!

There has been an injured bull around the Liard Hotsprings for a long while. This fellow hobbled across the road in front of us (we also saw him again on the way home days later.

Injured bisonThis fellow was injured and hobbled slowly across the highway

We arrived at the campground at 7:45 p.m. There were still numerous campsites left for us to choose from. We had a quick snack, then headed up to the pools for a good long soak! Then to bed.

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