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Kluane Lake, beside Alaska Highway in Yukon

Kluane Lake is our favourite area in Yukon.
It is more than the lake; it is the mountains, trails and wildlife. Kluane is pronounced, "kloo-wah-nee".

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Kluane National Park visitor centre, Yukon
View to the west from the Visitor Centre at the base of Sheep Mountain - Sept 2009

Sheep Mountain
Approaching Sheep Mountain and the Visitor Centre that is on the left across the bridge  - June 2013

Slims River
Approaching Sheep Mountain with snow in October 19, 2019

Kluane Lake
View of Sheep Mountain from the Alaska Highway at the south end of Kluane lake - June 2013

Kluane Lake
Photo showing driving northbound on the AK Hwy beside Kluane Lake - June 2012

Kayak Kluane
Kayaking on the large Kluane Lake - August 2014

Kluane Lake, Yukon
South view beside Congdon Creek campground - July 2011

Sheep Mountain
Hiking on Sheep Mountain, overlooking the Slim's River to the West - September 2011

Hiking the Sheep Creek Trail
Hiking the Sheep Creek Trail in October, 2020

Heading down Sheep Creek Trail by Kluane Lake
Dog walking down the Sheep Creek trail in October, 2020

Kluane Lake, Kluane National Park, Yukon
Looking westward along Slim's River while hiking along Soldier's Summit - June 2012
Also see my page with more photos from Soldier's Summit

On the south side of Kluane Lake, there are some places to stop and relax.

View from rest area near Kluane Lake, Yukon
Large pull off on south side of Kluane Lake and looking towards Sheep Mountain - June 2008

Kluane Lake
View of Sheep Mountain from the southeast side of Kluane Lake - June 2013

Kluane Lake
Walking the dogs along the south shore near historical Silver City - July 2011

Keep your eyes open for the locals...

Grizzly Bear
Grizzly beside the Alaska Highway near Kluane Lake - June 2014 for more shots of this bear

Kluane in Winter

March 2012, day trip for a picnic by its shore.
November 2013, some friends from the Lower Mainland joined us for the day.
February 2014, just to enjoy the sunny day.
March 2014, while driving to Anchorage, Alaska.

Kluane Lake in winter at Silver City
Photo view of Kluane Lake and Sheep Mountain from Silver City - November 2013

Kluane Lake, Yukon, winter
Looking northward from the south shore of the ice-covered Kluane Lake - March 2012

Alaska Highway in winter, Kluane Lake, Yukon
Northbound on the AK Hwy approaching Kluane Lake with Sheep Mtn background - March 2012 

Sheep Mountain
Sheep Mountain in winter - February 2014

Kluane Lake
Photo of Kluane Lake taken near the Kluane rest area on the south side of the lake - March 2014

Kluane Lake in winter, Yukon
Kluane Lake frozen in winter - March 2012

Soldiers Summit
Approaching Soldier's Summit parking area to go hiking- November 30, 2019

East Side of Kluane Lake

There is a gravel road that follows the east shore of Kluane Lake from the south end.

Kluane Lake east shore, Yukon
View of a small lake and Kluane Lake from the east shore - June 2008

The road was rough and had several creek crossings.

Kluane Lake east shore, Yukon
View from a road on the east side of Kluane Lake - June 2008

Eventually we encountered a creek we decided to not cross. 
We had travelled about 15 miles in 3 hours to reach this point. 

Creek crossing east side of Kluane Lake, Yukon
This creek appeared too risky to cross, even in 4-wheel drive - June 2008 

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