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Liard River Hotsprings - British Columbia
Historical Milepost 497 on the Alaska Highway

The Liard Hotspring is located within a provincial park; the park entrance is at map coordinates N59 25 28.8 W126 06 14.0

The springs are not overly developed and provide a spot to soak.  The park has a large campground with sites without hookups.  Each site has a fire pit and picnic table. These springs are some of our fovrities.

In early 2013, the change rooms and deck were updated at the Alpha pool.
See more images from our March 2013 visit and camping trip.

Liard River Hotsprings changerooms, Alaska Highway
Alpha pool at Liard River Hotsprings - March 2013

Liard Hotsprings, British Columbia
Alpha pool in July 2008

Beta Pool, Liard Hotsprings, B.C.
This was the Beta pool in July 2008.  It closed later due to a bear problem.

Alpha pool has a wide variety of soaking temperatures.  As you enter the pool, the right side is warmer than to the left.  The hot spring water enters on the far right and moves through the pool and then tumbles over a manmade water-barrier.  The water is much cooler on the left side of the barrier.  If you wade towards the end of this left side there are some refreshing cold springs.

Soaking in the Liard Hotsprings, B.C.
Soaking in the cooler water of Alpha pool - September 1997

Liard River Hotsprings in winter
The cooler end of Alpha pool in March 2013

Our favorite visit was when the temperature was -40.We had the pool all to ourselves!!

Liard Hot Springs, December 2001
Photo showing the Liard Hot Springs in December 2001

It is a boardwalk to the hot springs. About a five minute walk from the main parking lot.

Boardwalk at Liard Hot Springs, B.C.
Liard Hot Springs boardwalk in fall colours - September 1997

Wood boardwalk at Liard Hotsprings, B.C.
And again, the boardwalk in summer - July 2008

Liard River Hotsprings in winter
The boardwalk to the pool in March 2013

Liard Hotsprings, B.C. in fall
View to the west from the Liard Hot Springs boardwalk - September 1997

Liard Hotsprings, B.c.
Same view to the west from the boardwalk without the fall colors - July 2008

Warm marsh at Liard Hotsprings
The marsh area alongside the boardwalk in March 2013

Liard Hot Springs, B.C.
View to the east from along Liard Hot Springs boardwalk - September 1997

There are also pesky creatures in the area.  

Squirrel at Liard Hot springs in B.C.
This little resident of the campground was very good at harassing our dog