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Taylor Highway - Alaska Hwy to the Alaska/Yukon border

For more images of this route see:

Taylor Highway
Start of the Taylor Highway westbound to Chicken - September 2010

The landscape at the start of the Taylor Highway was marred by a forest fire. 
The burned trees were in sharp contrast to the fall colours of the living vegetation.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Rest area near the start of the Taylor Highway heading towards the Yukon - September 2010

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Looking westward just past the spot pictured above - July 2011 -- N63 24.025 W142 29.125

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Just before Mile 14, eastbound on the Taylor Highway - July 2011 -- N63 27.379 W142 29.285

Mile 16, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Mile 16 eastbound on the Taylor Highway - July 2011 -- N63 29.539 W142 25.276

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Mile 33, near Mt. Fairplay on the Taylor Highway - July 2011 -- N63 41.518 W142 15.628

At  Mile 44 the landscape is interesting and the road is paved.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Mile 44 of the Taylor Highway heading towards the Yukon - September 2010

A few miles past Mile 44 there were some significant frost heaves. 
Not as rough as the Alaska Highway between Destruction Bay and Beaver Creek though. 
It seems no road is immune to the effects of building a road over muskeg & permafrost!

West Fork Campground, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Sign marking the Bureau of Land Management West Fork Campground at about Mile 52 - July 2011

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Eastbound on the Taylor Highway - July 2011

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Frost heaves on the Taylor Highway near Mile 53 - September 2010

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Taylor Highway eastbound - July 2011

Road conditions can vary a lot!

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Eastbound on the Taylor Highway, through a freshly graded area - July 2011

At Mile 66 -- the Town of Chicken

Chicken, Alaska, on the Taylor Highway
Approaching the Town of Chicken on the Taylor Highway - July 2011

Chicken, Alaska
Signage announcing tourist facilities at the Town of Chicken - September 2010

Chicken, Alaska, Taylor Highway
Tourist facilities at Chicken - July 2011

Walker Fork BLM recreation site -- we didn't stop in 2010 because it was full of hunters.  In 2011 we drove around the campground but decided to not stay. In 2012 we passed by again.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Sign marking the entrance to Walker Fork recreation site - September 2010

In September 2010 we drove from Chicken to the Alaska/Yukon border soon after the highway had re-opened after reconstruction due to the river washing out the highway.

Taylor Hwy
Following a pilot car through new construction - September 2010

See this page for many images of us following a pilot car through the new area.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
In July 2011, the reconstruction had some new growth but the road was still rough - July 2011

Always keep an eye open and scan the landscape.  I saw movement to the right and we stopped so I could photograph the action, see the next photo!

Cow Moose and Calf on the Taylor Highway, Alaska
Cow moose and her calf - July 2011

There are plenty of places to stop off the highway for a break.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Dog walk and lunch spot on the Taylor Highway- July 2011

It is not worthwhile trying to speed along on this highway.
There are soft spots, soft shoulders, and oncoming traffic now and then.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Eastbound on the Taylor Highway - July 2011

At the Jack Wade junction, some folks head north 65 miles to the town of Eagle.

Jack Wade Junction on the Taylor Highway, Alaska
Approaching the Jack Wade Junction - July 2011

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Travelling eastward on the east side of the Jack Wade Junction  - N64 06.850 W141 18.5422

Overall, the road was easy driving compared to some of the roads we had driven. 
Once we were past the favoured hunting spots in Alaska, the traffic was light.

In 2014 the road was being paved between the Jack Wade junction and the Alaska/Yukon border.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Seven miles to the Yukon border and it is possible to see for miles and miles - September 2010
That is the little community of Boundary in the distance

The gravel road was narrow when we met this oncoming tour bus. 
We pulled over and stopped on the soft shoulder as the bus squeezed by.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Holland American bus westbound - July 2011

We were looking forward to returning to Canada.  The sign below was a welcome sight!

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Approaching US/Canada Customs from Alaska - September 2010 -- N64 04.775 W141 02.224

The same sign a year later ...

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Landscape is a very different colour in July 2011

Still on the Alaska side of the border the Davis Dome Wayside has signs with information about the Fortymile district.  This is a good spot to gather your documentation for the border crossing.

Taylor Highway, Alaska
View from the Davis Dome Wayside on the Alaska side of the US/Canada border - N64 05.086 W141 01.0511

Davis Dome Wayside, Taylor Highway, Alaska
Again, same view, but different time of year making for a very different scene - July 2011

Then, on to Yukon on the other side of the border crossing!

Taylor Highway, Alaska
Approaching Canada Customs at the Alaska/Yukon border - July 2011

Poker Creek, Alaska
Approaching Poker Creek / US Customs headed into Alaska - September 2012

Looking back at the border crossing buildings (on the right) and into Alaska - September 2010

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