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Frenchman Lake Yukon on the Frenchman Tatchun Road

01 July 2008 - Happy Canada Day!

The ground was damp in the morning because it rained. With the desire to see what was around the next corner and over the next hill we decided to move on to the next campground, Nunatuk, about 25 km down the road.

The road was decent for a gravel road but it narrowed considerably. We also had to watch for overhead branches and trees.

Road between Tatchun and Frenchman Lakes, Yukon
Gravel road between Tatchun Lake and Nunatuk Yukon Gov't campgrounds

Road between Tatchun and Frenchman Lakes, Yukon
Sign marking entrance to Nunatuk Yukon Gov't campground

The campsites at Nunatuk were high above the lake and there was no view of the lake from any of the sites. We decided to drive at Frenchman Lake, 8 km further on the gravel road.

Frenchman Lake had several local families camped in an open area. We lucked out as there was a very nice lakeside site. Once again the canoe came off the rack and Steve headed out for some fishing, although the lake was a bit choppy.

Frenchman Lake, Yukon
Frenchman Lake was a bit windy when we arrived

Into the evening, the skies cleared and the lake started to calm down. The sun shone late into the night and the campfire did not seem to be the same in daylight.

Campsite at Frenchman Lake, Yukon
Campsite at Frenchman Lake at 10:30 in the evening 

Campsite at Frenchman Lake, Yukon
Campsite at Frenchman Lake at 10:30 in the evening

The long daylight hours and clear skies provided a nice sunset at Frenchman Lake.
The calmer water and tree-line provided for good photos.

Midnight sun at Frenchman Lake, Yukon
Sun setting at 11:15 p.m. on Frenchman Lake

Midnight sun at Frenchman Lake, Yukon
Frenchman Lake at 11:30 p.m.

The clear night meant some chill in the air that the campfire eased. 
We were staying up later each night as we adjusted to the long daylight hours. 

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