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Kluane Lake to Million Dollar Falls on the Haines Road

3 September 2009

The wind continued on Kluane Lake this morning, cancelling our kayaking.

We headed south to Haines Junction and Million Dollar Falls campground on the Haines Road.
Last year this campground it was closed because a grizzly bear had killed a moose in the area.

Alaska Highway near Congdon Creek, Yukon
Back on the Alaska Highway heading south from Congdon Creek Yukon Gov't campground

The Kluane National Park visitor's centre is at the base of Sheep Mountain. I wanted a picture of the cabin that has been beside the Alaska Highway for decades so we made a quick stop. 

Cabin at Kluane Lake, Yukon
Cabin along the Alaska Highway, near the visitor's centre at Sheep Mountain

We noticed some Dall Sheep enjoying the sun on the mountainside.
See the white spots in the picture below. 

Sheep Mountain at Kluane Lake, Yukon
Dall Sheep enjoying the sun the slopes of Sheep Mountain

It seemed to be a good time to try to 20x optical zoom on my camera.

Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain, Kluane Lake YT
Close up of Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain

The scenery around the visitor centre is awesome.
Looking west up Slims River the Kluane Ranges provided a nice view.

Kluane National Park visitor centre, Yukon
Our RV parked at the Kluane National Park visitor centre at the base of Sheep Mountain

It was time to continue our journey south towards Haines Junction. 

Kluane Lake, Yukon
Looking south from the Alaska Highway along the south side of Kluane Lake

The clouds were moving in and provided a overcast that did not dampen the fall colours on this mountainside south of Kluane Lake.

Kluane Lake, Yukon
Fall colours on the west side of the AK Hwy between Kluane Lake & Haines Junction

Continuing our journey south towards Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway.

Haines Hwy, Yukon

On the Haines Road there is a photo viewpoint overlooking Kathleen Lake. At the viewpoint this plaque acknowledges the significance of Kluane National Park. 

Kluane National Park monument, Yukon
Monument at Kluane National Park, overlooking Kathleen Lake

We stayed at the campground at Kathleen Lake last year.

Kathleen Lake, Yukon
Kathleen Lake, viewed from the Haines Road

The scenery along the Haines Road is very nice. The mountains rise from the highway's edge and the fall colours provided a brilliant contrast to the greenery.

Haines Hwy, Yukon
Southbound on the Haines Road between Haines Junction and Million Dollar Falls campground

A rest area provided this view of a mountain range on the east side of the Haines Road.

Haines Hwy, Yukon
Mountain range on the east side of the Haines Road

Just a few miles more to the entrance of the Million Dollar Falls Yukon gov't campground.
This is the last campground on the Yukon side of the border.

Million Dollar Falls government campground
Sign at the entrance to Million Dollar Falls

After setting up in the camp we walked the dogs. There is a nice trail with viewpoints along the river. One provides a nice view of the Million Dollar Falls.

Million Dollar Falls, Yukon Territory
Million Dollar Falls near the campground

With lots of daylight left, we decided to explore the nearby historical Dalton Post.

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