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Muncho Lake to Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park
Alaska Highway

9 August 2010 - Monday

Another overcast day! ICK! At 7:30 a.m. Muncho Lake was flat calm.

Muncho Lake on the Alaska Highway in British Columbia
Muncho Lake in the morning calm

We decided to head up to Liard Hot Springs. Rainy weather is perfect for soaking in the pools.

Before loading the kayak on the truck, we decided to see if Tazz would tolerate kayaking with us. Executive decision was she would go out with me first, only because she had an extremely strong trust of me. I was sure I'd be swimming before we were done! Tazz did very well though! And soon she was kayaking with Steve. The water was perfect for this doggy training.

Dog in kayak at Muncho Lake, British Columbia
Tazz and Steve on Muncho Lake - she kept a close eye on me the whole while they were out!

Whenever Steve ventured near the shore, Tazz would jump out and swim to me! She was a strong swimmer so no need to fret! After the first couple of jumps, Steve stayed further out from shore.

Dog in kayak at Muncho Lake, British Columbia
Tazz and Steve kayaking

Just a few minutes before 11 a.m. we were packed up and ready to head to Liard Hot Springs, just 55 km up the highway.

The weather was drizzly for the drive, so no photos. I really enjoy this area of the Alaska Highway so that was VERY disappointing! In some spots the cloud was very low so the scenery was limited.

Arrived at the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park  after a short 50 minute drive.

This sign greets all campers at the campground.

Bear warning sign at Liard Hot Springs on the Alaska Highway, British Columbia

The access road to the campground and parking lot is at N59 25 28.9 W126 06 12.9.

After lunch we were soaking in the hot springs. See my Liard Hot Springs page for more info about the pools. Usually an evening soak is a pleasant experience, but tonight the skies cleared, the sun shone and the air too warm to enjoy an evening dip! It was nice to see the sun though! 

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