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km 1048.5 Alaska Hwy thru Teslin to the South Canol Road

12 August 2010 - Thursday morning

The barometer was rising this morning. There were a few rain showers last night though. The sun was shining as we optimistically hit the road at 8:30 a.m.

km 1074 Alaska Highway in the Yukon
View northbound at km 1074 on the Alaska Highway, with the Rancheria River to the left side of image

The sunny skies were refreshing and rejuvenating! Approaching the Continental Divide, the blue skies were endless!

km 1115 on the Alaska Highway in the Yukon
Northbound near km 1115 on the Alaska Highway, nearing the Continental Divide

At 11 a.m. we crossed the bridge over the Nisutlin Bay Inlet to arrive at Teslin.

Teslin Bridge on the Alaska Highway, crossing the Nisutlin Bay Inlet
The Nisutlin Bay Bridge crosses over the Nisutlin Bay Inlet - also referred to as the Teslin Bridge

Filled with diesel at the Yukon Motel & RV Park in Teslin.

Sign on the Alaska Highway at the South Canol Road
Sign on the Alaska Highway indicating the South Canol Road is just ahead

The weather was great and Steve thought it would be nice to drive the South Canol Road. We topped up with fuel at Johnson's Crossing because there are no services along the route. Ross River at the end of the road is sometimes out of fuel, so a couple of 5-gallon fuel cans were also filled with diesel. We backtracked the single kilometre to the turn-off northbound on the South Canol.

Teslin River viewed from the Alaska Highway in Yukon
Looking southward on the Teslin River from the Teslin River bridge at Johnson's Crossing

After turning on to the South Canol there was an important sign!

Canol Road open for Season sign at Alaska Highway
Make sure the snow is off the South Canol before driving north!

There is a rest area with historical information about the South Canol just a few hundred metres from the Alaska Highway. It is a nice spot and easy to pull in to. If you prefer, you can return to the Alaska Highway to continue on towards Whitehorse. 

A nice rest area on the South Canol Road near the Alaska Highway
The rest area on the South Canol Road very near the Alaska Highway - good spot for a break!

Please go to my next page to see more pictures of the artefacts at this rest area and to continue the journey north on the South Canol.

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