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Lapie Lake on the South Canol Road
and a side trip: Groundhog Creek road to Seagull Lakes

16 August 2010 - Monday

Early in the morning the lake was very calm and sky clear! Beautiful! 

The morning was sunny and windy.  The barometer is also dropping.
The view south from Lapie Lake

Lapie Lake on the South Canol Road in Yukon
Looking north on Lapie Lake

We were rejoined with our friends from Sidney Lake. It was good to see them when they pulled into the neighbouring site here at Lapie Lake. No complaints about the view out their door!

Camping at Lapie Lake on the South Canol Road in Yukon
Truck & camper parked at Lapie Lake

Later the lake was too choppy for a kayak outing. Steve thought he'd ride his trials motorcycle up Groundhog Creek Road to the Seagull Lakes area. We had attempted to make this trip in 2007 but didn't make it all the way due to the road getting too rough on one of the grades for the 4x4.

Seagull Lake area in Yukon
Groundhog Creek road up to Seagull Lakes

Seagull Lake area in Yukon
Groundhog Creek Road up to Seagull Lakes

I'm thinking the next time we're in the area, we'll again try with the truck.

Seagull Lake area in Yukon
The valley at Seagull Lakes, high in the hills

When Steve takes a trip on his trials motorcycle, I worry a bit. He carries a SPOT locator when we're in areas without cell reception. Today his bike got him home in one piece, yet again!

Montesa Trials bike at Lapie Lake in Yukon
Steve's Montesa 4RT trials motorcycle ... note there is NO seat on a trials bike!

The barometer was continuing to drop in the evening and the cloudbank was visible over the hills. There was also the occasional drizzle while we enjoyed some liquid refreshment with our new friends Astrid & Ralf.

At 9:30 p.m. we said our goodnights and our goodbyes, knowing we'd be on the road tomorrow.

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