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Fairbanks to Tok on the Richardson & Alaska Hwys, Alaska

09 September 2010 - Thursday

Tazz seemed okay this morning.  Her eye was still a bit droopy but it was looking better.  During our morning walk, she wanted to play & play in the river.  Fetching sticks from the water was a favourite game and she kept at it for quite a while!  We felt her health was improved so assumed the drugs were being effective at settling the problem.

Even so, we thought it best to not drive north on the Dalton Hwy or back south to the Denali Hwy.  Instead, figured it wisest to turn the truck towards Canada in case Tazz had continuing issues.

It was drizzling this morning as we hit the road. 

Richardson Highway in Alaska
Southbound on a foggy Richardson Highway

It wasn't long before we were at Delta Junction, the official end of the Alaska Highway.  Needing groceries, we stopped at the IGA.  As I walked to the store I noticed some fresh meat in the parking lot.

I returned to the truck to get my camera as I found it humorous to see a dead caribou in a grocery store parking lot.  As I took some pictures the "owner" of the caribou came out and excitedly told me this was her first 'harvest' of a caribou.  Apparently she and her husband tracked the caribou for four days before she got a shot.  She also told me that the "rack" was special because of the "spoons". 

Tazz was also interested in this caribou; the scent was very intriguing to her.

Dead Caribou at Delta Junction
Harvested caribou at the IGA parking lot in Delta Junction

After grocery shopping in one of the nicest grocery stores I've visited in Alaska, we headed to the tourist info center to enjoy some lunch.  The info centre has the sign marking the official end of the Alaska Highway.

Official end of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction, Alaska
Official end of the Alaska Highway at Delta Junction

There was also a sign at the center providing information about the Alaska Highway construction.  Interestingly, the sign has incorrect info on it. 

The final connection on the Alaska Highway was made very near Beaver Creek, Yukon in October 1942, when two bulldozers met each other in the bush.  The official opening ceremony of the highway was conducted at Soldier's Summit at Kluane Lake in November 1942.

End of the Alaska Highway at Delta Junction, Alaska
Information sign about the Alaska Highway at Delta Junction

Back on the road, the day remained overcast and damp.

Alaska Highway between Delta Junction and Tok, Alaska
Southbound on the Alaska Highway between Delta Junction and Tok

Then the weather went from bad to worse.

Rain on the Alaska Highway, Alaska

We checked out several recreation sites along the way.  It was pouring rain and cold at Moon Lake Rec Site.  Tazz went for a swim in the lake and then we carried on towards Tok.  It rained harder.

At Tok we looked at several campgrounds before settling into the Sourdough campground.  Nice enough spot, good electric, Wi-Fi if you camp close to the office, and breakfast delivered to your RV in the morning if you pre-order.   Which we did.

Tazz seems well, although isn't prancing with her usual grace.  She's eager to go though and enjoyed several walks in the Tok area.

Road reports indicate the Taylor Highway is open with a pilot car escorting vehicles through a zone east of Chicken.  If the weather is good tomorrow, maybe we'll head that way.  

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