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Whitehorse to Big Creek near Hwy 37 on the Alaska Hwy

15 September 2010 - Wednesday

This morning Tazz was much worse. No pain was apparent but she could not hold herself upright. Laying down seemed to be the best and her preferred position. We set up the back of the supercab so she was laying on a thick foamy. Nestled her into some blankets then departed Whitehorse southbound at about 10:30 a.m., headed towards Vancouver and an appointment with a neurologist on Monday.

With Tazz resting quietly, I felt a bit better. I was fretting though.

As we passed by the junction of the South Canol Road at Johnson's Crossing north of Teslin, there is no doubt we would have turned north to enjoy the drive if Tazz had not been sick. However, it was essential to make miles southward.

At 1 p.m. we stopped for lunch at the Morley River Recreation Site on the Yukon side of the B.C./Yukon border. Tazz didn't want to get out of the truck but we lifted her out so she could pee.

Morley River Recreation Site, Alaska Highway, Yukon
Morley River Recreation Site on the Alaska Highway in Yukon - N60 00.428 W132 08.145

After lunch, I felt the need to stroll away on my own with the camera. The day was clear, the air was sweet, and it helped ease the stress I was feeling. 

Fireweed seed, Yukon
Fireweed gone to seed in the autumn

Below the recreation site, the Morley River flows to Morley Lake. There are several paths down to the river. 

Morley River, Yukon
Looking eastward on the Morley River

Morley River, Yukon
Looking west on the Morley River

Walking back up to the parking area, I kept my eyes open for some autumn leaves.
I wasn't disappointed. 

Yukon Territory foliage

The brightness from the trees was distracting. The golden yellow is brilliant in the sunshine.

Alaska Highway near Morley River, Yukon
Fall colours along the Alaska Highway near Morley River

The afternoon was lovely. Even so, my mind was on Tazz and her comfort. She didn't move in the back of the truck. Eyes closed. Not at all the high-energy girl we had lived with for 14 months! 

On the road again, the sky remained clear and blue as the Alaska Highway dipped into British Columbia.  Then back again into the Yukon ...

Alaska Highway in Yukon
Southbound on the Alaska Highway - N60 02.562 W131 00.956

Southbound on the Alaska Highway, Yukon
Continuing southbound - N60 02.635 W131 00.736

Southbound on the Alaska Highway, Yukon
Southbound on the Alaska Highway just south of the Swift River Rest Area - N60 03.076 W130 59.526

Southbound on the Alaska Highway, Yukon
South of the Continental Divide Lodge looking east on the Alaska Highway - N60 04.516 W130 53.099

I was worried about Tazz becoming fatigued. We didn't know what was wrong. It was a delicate balancing act -- trying to get to Vancouver without impacting Tazz's well-being. 

It was about 4 p.m. when we stopped at the Big Creek Gov't Campground, about 40 km north of the junction of the Cassiar Highway. We felt it important to stop for Tazz to rest.

Big Creek Yukon Government campground, Yukon
Sign at the entrance to Big Creek Yukon Gov't campground - N60 09.502 W129 42.424

I took some pictures of the area, looking each way along the Alaska Highway. 

Alaska Highway, Yukon
Looking towards the east on the Alaska Highway and the bridge over Big Creek

Alaska Highway, Yukon
Looking westward, again with brilliant hues from the fall colours

This campground, similar to others in the Yukon, has numerous signs.

Campground sign in Yukon Territory
Sign at Big Creek Yukon gov't campground in Yukon

Eyes are always open for these critters!

Sign in Yukon campground
Bear warning sign at Big Creek Yukon gov't campground

Then back to the campsite for a quiet evening. Steve checked the creek and tried some fishing with no success. There was lots of moose sign around but we didn't see any of the big brown beasts.

Campsite at Big Creek Yukon gov't campground
Campsite at Big Creek Yukon gov't campground

Tazz continued to rest throughout the evening. She ate some supper. Then we hobbled her around the campground with our custom sling so she could take care of business. Tazz wanted to keep going. She wanted to walk & stumble along. She also wanted to get to the creek so we took her over there too. It was almost as if movement was soothing for her.

After three circuits around the campground with Tazz, we settled into bed as darkness settled in.

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