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Big Creek on the Alaska Hwy in Yukon to
Kinaskan Lake on the Cassiar Hwy in British Columbia

16 September 2010 - Thursday

Tazz had a reasonably restful night, although it is obvious she is getting worse. I was sleeping with her on the fold-out couch, with cushions & barriers all around her so she couldn't fall off the couch. Two or three times during the night she woke up and bunny-hopped herself around to change position because she couldn't stand up on her own. I was also worrying about her keeping warm enough; her legs seemed chilly.

Tazz ate breakfast this morning and wanted to go for a "walk" to pee & poo. We again used the sling to keep her upright while she stumbled along. When it was time to hit the road, I nestled her into her spot in the supercab, laying on a thick foamy and blankets.

On the road today at 9:20 a.m., knowing we needed to make some miles to get Tazz to the hospital in Vancouver. The day was sunny and clear as the truck turned southward onto the Cassiar Highway and into British Columbia.

Yukon / British Columbia border on the Cassiar Highway
On the Cassiar Highway crossing into British Columbia southbound - N60 00.169 W129 03.096

Earlier during the summer, while on our way north, the Cassiar Highway was closed due to forest fires. The fires were out now and for the first time we saw the burned areas.

Cassiar Highway - Forest Fire 2010
Start of the forest fire burn area in the summer of 2010 on the Cassiar Highway - N59 51.372 W129 08.015

The fire residue wasn't as bad as expected. Burned trees were visible along the highway. From hilltops the damage was visible for miles eastward. In some spots the ground continued to smolder.  

Cassiar Highway - Forest Fire 2010
Burned trees around the Blue Lakes on the Cassiar Highway - N59 49.914 W129 07.985

The burned area lasted only about 30 km then the landscape returned to normal. 

Cassiar Highway - British Columbia
Southbound on the Cassiar Highway - N59 39.378 W129 13.211

At about noon we drove by the entrance to a favourite overnight spot: Boya Lake Provincial Park. This park is beautiful and regardless of the weather we've always enjoyed our visits. In 2009 we stayed a couple of nights and kayaked on the lake. 

Cassiar Highway - British Columbia
Cassiar Highway southbound just south of Good Hope Lake - N59 17.018 W129 18.838

The Cassiar Highway used to be gravel north of Dease Lake. On our way north in August 2009 the road was gravel. On our way southward in September 2009, it was paved! It makes a big difference when the weather is wet BUT today there was nothing but miles of blue sky! 

Cassiar Highway - British Columbia
Dease Lake seen from the Cassiar Highway - N58 47.868 W130 04.996

The fall colours were brilliant this year. In 2009, the colours were not so bright! Tazz was resting peacefully so I was taking some time to enjoy the scenery and shoot some pictures. 

Cassiar Highway - British Columbia
Southbound north of Eddontenajon - Kluachon & Eddontenajon Lakes - N57 52.992 W130 02.477

After almost nine hours on the road, we felt Tazz had endured enough for one day. I didn't want her to get too fatigued but wanted to continue getting the miles in. We'd driven 400 km so at 6 p.m. pulled into the Kinaskan Lake Park, a campground we've enjoyed a great deal on past visits.

It wasn't too busy this late in the season so there were many sites from which to choose.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park, Cassiar Highway, British Columbia
Camped at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park campground - N57 31.807 W130 11.614

Tazz didn't want to go outside, which was unusual for her. She also did not want to eat.  I took some alone time to ponder our circumstance and strolled the lakeshore hoping to de-stress a bit.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park, Cassiar Highway, British Columbia
Kinaskan Lake looking north from the campground 

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park, Cassiar Highway, British Columbia
Looking west from the campground

A little later Tazz let us know she wanted to go outside as she attempted to get up by herself. After getting her sling on we headed out for a stroll. Tazz would get very focused as she stumbled along. She really wanted to get to the water at the lake so we helped her to the shore. The soft gravel was very difficult for her to maintain balance on, so after a short while we headed back to the campground road and let her continue her outing. She was aware of everything, wanting to chase squirrels and insisted on standing guard outside the outhouse when I disappeared into it.

I can't imagine what she's feeling inside. Just can't.
Later, as the sun set on the lake, I took some more photos. 

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park, Cassiar Highway, British Columbia
Sun setting on Kinaskan Lake

Again, I curled up with Tazz on the couch for the night. I felt it important that Steve sleep well each night because he was driving. We were putting in more time on the road each day so it was essential for Steve to rest & maintain his alertness.

Both of us were very worried about Tazz and the stress was beginning to wear on us. But we would do whatever we had to do for her well-being. We wanted to be at the Canada West Veterinary Clinic in Vancouver on Monday to see the neurologist, which is when they said was the first they could see her.

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