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Merritt to Nakusp, B.C. on Highways 97C, 97 and 6

22 September 2010 - Wednesday

On the road today at 10 a.m., headed for Nakusp.  Looking forward to a late afternoon soak in the hot pools!

Decided to drive out from the Harmon Lake Recreation Site by going the other way. 
At a junction turned off the Kane Valley Road onto the Canton Road headed to Hwy 5A.  It took about 40 minutes.  Canton Road narrows to a single lane in many places and it
is very steep in places.   We also kept our eyes open for low hanging branches.

Then the truck climbed Highway 97C; the GPS recorded the elevation as 1,718 metres (5,636 feet).  Then the descent to Okanagan Lake, an elevation of 405 metres.   The 1,300 metre (4,265 feet) descent was accomplished over a distance of 37 km (23 miles).  Not so bad going down, but it is a LONG steady climb for those going the other way.

Okanagan Lake from Highway 97C
Okanagan Lake seen from Highway 97C - N49 48.309 W119 43.467

Even though it was "off-season", the Okanagan Valley was busy.  The plan was to head north to Vernon then drive Highway 6 east to Nakusp, another favourite drive of ours.

At about 4 p.m. we were waiting for the Needles ferry to cross the Lower Arrow Lake.  This is a free crossing.  Today, traffic was light and there was no long line-ups.

Lower Arrow Lake, Kootenays, Highway 6, British Columbia
Lower Arrow Lake seen from the ferry - N49 52.400 W118 05.556

By 5:15 we were parked at the Nakusp Hot Springs campground.  In our favourite campsite too!  After a quick supper, we headed to springs for a good long soak.  The pool was very soothing and quiet during mid-week.  Just what we needed! 

23 - 24 September 2010

Stayed in Nakusp, doing little but sleeping, soaking in the hot pools and burning the campfire each night.  The campground was quiet through the week. 

Steve decided the tires needed rotating on the truck so had that done in town.  Turned out one of the steering knuckle/ball joints was very worn.  BUT there was no place in town that could get it down this week.  Either the mechanics were on sick leave or the parts weren't available.  Sigh ...

I didn't take any pictures while at Nakusp.  Wasn't feeling too creative.

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