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Christina Lake to Osoyoos, B.C. on Highway 3

26 September 2010 - Sunday

This morning, first a short hike along the east side of Christina Lake.  The trail started off with a warning ...

Sign at Gladstone Provincial Park at Christina Lake, B.C.
Sign at the beginning of the trail on the east side of Christina Lake

Then another sign ...

 Sign at Christina Lake, Gladstone Provincial Park, B.C.
Sign at Christina Lake, Gladstone Provincial Park

I was curious about the number of signs posted along the cliff.  Then we encountered a different type of sign ... a memorial to a young man who died on these cliffs.  I wondered if the cliffs are a popular spot for cliff diving ...

Back at the campsite we debated staying another night.  Steve was concerned about the ball joint in the truck though and wanted to get to the Ford dealer in Penticton.  So we packed her up and headed out onto Highway 3 westbound.

Hwy 3 westbound in British Columbia
The sky was blue but the clouds hung low just west of Christina Lake - N49 00.361 W118 17.268

The landscape shifted from forest to ranchlands.  The temperature also warmed as we drove towards the Okanagan. 

Highway 3 westbound in B.C.
Climbing out of the Kettle Valley near Rock Creek - N49 03.955 W119 00.570

Approaching Osoyoos there is a long descent to the lakeshore.  On the way down the hill I took some photos out the truck window (as I usually do!).  Haynes Point Provincial Park (our destination today) is on the lower left of this image ...

Approaching Osoyoos, British Columbia on Highway 3
Descending Highway 3 to Osoyoos - N49 00.982 W119 24.152

The highway continued d-o-w-n ... a popular ride for motorcyclists!  Not so popular with folks towing a fifth wheel with a worn steering knuckle & ball joint!

Highway 3 into Osoyoos, B.C.
Highway 3 descending to Osoyoos - N49 01.096 W119 24.645

Haynes Point Provincial Park has a very popular campground.  During the summer, a reservation is required.  In September, if you're early enough you can usually get a site.  Today we lucked into a great site at 1:30 p.m., cost $30/night with no services. 

Campsite at Haynes Point Provincial Park in Osoyoos, B.C.
Campsite at Haynes Point Provincial Park near Osoyoos - N49 01.129 W119 26.581

Later in the afternoon the kayaks were unloaded for a short paddle around Osoyoos Lake.  The wind came up around 4 p.m. though, so headed back to the campsite.

There were numerous California Quail running around.  Some paused long enough for me to photograph ...

California Quail at Haynes Point Provincial Park, B.C.
California Quail at Haynes Point (see my Birds page for more pictures of these quail)

This four legged mammal was also running around ...

Squirrel at Haynes Point, B.C.

The south side of the campground overlooks the lake to the south and Osoyoos to the east & west.  On the north side of the campground there is a bit of lake surrounded by Osoyoos on all sides.

Osoyoos seen from Haynes Point shoreline
East side of Osoyoos seen from Haynes Point shoreline

It was a warm evening as the sun set. 
A nice night for sitting outside and watching the sun set from our campsite.

Sunset from the Haynes Point campsite
The sun setting over Osoyoos Lake - looking south from the campground 

On a previous trip in September 2008, I captured the following image in the evening from our campsite that was on the north side of the campground:

Osoyoos seen from Haynes Point, B.C.
Looking north from Haynes Point campground in September 2008

I much prefer the view looking south! 

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