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Whitehorse to Ethel Lake, North Klondike Hwy, Yukon

3 September 2012 - Monday

Today we were heading out, not sure where but figured we would head north on the North Klondike Highway towards Dawson City.  We had six days to play ...

North Klondike Highway, Yukon
Following a rental RV northbound near km 334 on the North Klondike Highway

The weather was fine. At the junction of the Robert Campbell Highway it was hard to not turn right towards one of our favourite campgrounds at Frenchman Lake.

North Klondike Highway, Yukon
Approaching the junction of the Campbell Highway; Coal Mine CG on the right

Carrying on it was again hard to not turn right towards the Tatchun Lake Campground.  The same access road leads to Frenchman Lake Campground, but from the other direction.

North Klondike Highway, Yukon
Sign marking the turn off to Tatchun Lake Campground two kilometres ahead

The fall colours were starting, but much was still green.  Sometimes the landscape has changed by this time yet this year the colours were only starting to shift.

North Klondike Highway, Yukon
The clouds were closing in making the colours more intense

Many people had told us the Ethel Lake campground was a nice spot to visit.  The road looked good at the start, so we continued driving in to the campground.

Ethel Lake road, Yukon
Start of the access road into Ethel Lake campground

The were some wet spots on the road, areas that were water damaged, and in some places trees bent down low towards the truck & camper.

Ethel Lake road, Yukon
Continuing into Ethel Lake

Finally, Ethel Lake was visible in the distance! 

Ethel Lake road, Yukon
Ethel Lake visible about 4 km away

The road meandered downward toward Ethel Lake, then followed the shoreline for about 2 km. 

Ethel Lake road, Yukon
Entrance to Ethel Lake campground

The campground wasn't busy.  Many of the sites were very wet though.  It was obvious the ground was saturated and not being cooperative with campers.

Ethel Lake road, Yukon
Campsites along the left and at the end, with lake on the right

We selected site 2 mostly because it was high & dry.  It also offered some room for the dogs. 

Ethel Lake Campgroung, Yukon
Campsite 2 at Ethel Lake Campground

After settling in it was time for a dog walk.  We left the campground and continued walking along the road, mostly to see where it went and why.  Further along there were a few rustic cabins. 

Back at the campsite we decided to head to bed early.  The weather was closing in a bit too.  I was hoping we wouldn't wake to rain!

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