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Yarger Lake AK to Lake Creek YT - Alaska Highway

7 September 2012 - Friday

The Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is a large area. Wonderful spot for birders! There is an information center that is worthwhile visiting.


Much of the area is wetland, perfect for birds & moose.

Teteline Junction

Near the Alaska border there is a sign that lets you know it is another 20 miles to Canada Customs. Note the drunken telephone poles in the ditch/wetland!

AK Hwy
20 miles to Canada Customs, sign at the border

AK Hwy
Port Alcan, the US side of the border crossing

It is another 20 miles or so to Canada Customs near Beaver Creek.
Meanwhile, welcome to Yukon!

Yukon sign
Welcome to Yukon sign at the Yukon-Alaska border

Alaska Highway in Canada
Now in Canada with speeds and distance in metric

The section of Alaska Highway between the Alaska border and Beaver Creek is notoriously bad. Always has been.

Beaver Creek, Yukon
Heading to Beaver Creek from the Alaska/Yukon border

Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains
The scenery is nice, these the Wrangell-St. Elias mountains

Beaver Creek, my home town. We didn't plan to visit this trip, instead just passing through.
Beaver Creek is the most westerly community in Canada, as the sign says.

Welcoem to Beaver Creek
Welcome to Beaver Creek, the most westerly community in Canada

South of Beaver Creek there is a test section to learn how best to reduce the effects of the annual freeze/thaw. This section of highway is rough each spring. Frost heaves and pot holes. We think the test section is about the worst of the section too, likely meaning it isn't working!

permafrost test section
Test section along the Alaska Highway

fall colours alaska highway
Fall colours on Dead Man's Hill

White River, Alaska Highway
Looking west on the White River

Pickhandle Lake, Yukon
Pickhandle Lake is a great spot to stop and watch birds

Lake Creek campground, Yukon
Lake Creek Yukon gov't campground ... a quiet spot to stop for the night

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