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A day trip to Kluane Lake, Alaska Hwy

21 October 2012 - Sunday

A long-time acquaintance invited us for dinner at her home in Destruction Bay, along the shores of Kluane Lake.  More than four decades ago I babysat the Flumerfelt kids in Beaver Creek.  It would be wonderful to see Marsha again!

The day was bright as we headed west on the Alaska Highway.

Had not gone too far when Steve sighted some Tundra Swans on a frozen pond alongside the highway. I jumped out to take some shots with the camera.

Tundra Swans, Alaska Highway, Yukon
A juvenile with three adults

Tundra Swans, Alaska Highway, Yukon
I love this shot!

Tundra Swans, Alaska Highway, Yukon
The swans socialized while watching me - one looking left, one right, one back and one to the front!

Three of the swans took flight ...

Tundra Swans, Alaska Highway, Yukon
Two adults and one juvenile - Tundra Swans in flight over the pond

Tundra Swans, Alaska Highway, Yukon
An adult and juvenile in flight

Tundra Swans, Alaska Highway, Yukon
Adults in flight

I was thrilled to see these birds!  Absolutely tickled to get some nice images of them in flight too!  Then it was time to continue our journey to dinner!

Approaching Haines Junction, Alaska Highway, Yukon
Approaching Haines Junction

Approaching Kluane Lake, Yukon
Approaching Kluane Lake northbound

Sheep Mountain, Kluane Lake, Yukon
Sheep Mountain in white

Kluane Lake, Yukon
On the Alaska Highway, looking westward over Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake, Yukon
Looking across Kluane Lake from the Alaska Highway

We had a wonderful visit with Marsha and her son & daughter-in-law.  Caught up on many memories, shared some good food (moose roast!), and prompted much laughter!

We headed home in the setting sun.  I was driving so no pictures of the return journey!

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