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At Liard River Hotsprings in B.C., Alaska Highway

30 March 2013 - Saturday

NOTE: There is more info & past images on my page dedicated to the Liard River Hotsprings.

It was warm last night. The furnace in the fifth wheel was set to 50F and did not come on until warm-up time in the morning! As usual, first our dog walk. Then preparing for another soak in the pool. 

LiardRiver Hotsprings
At the park entrance there is a sign providing some information about the change room reno

There were no changes to the boardwalk leading to the hot springs. These snow-covered areas were slippery. The snow was melting quickly though.

Liard River Hotsprings
The boardwalk to the hot springs

Liard River Hotsprings
The boardwalk protects the marsh area, as well as ensuring our feet stayed dry!

LiardRiver Hotsprings
The hot end of the Alpha pool, where the hot springs originate

Liard River Hotsprings
New change room on the left, with new stairs leading into the hot end of the Alpha pool on the right

Liard River Hotsprings
In winter the pool is usually fairly quiet

Liard River Hotsprings
The cooler end of the pool to the west (left side) ... there is a cold spring up at the end that is refreshing

Liard River Hotsprings
Looking back towards the hot end of the Alpha pool with the new change rooms on the right

Liard River Hotsprings
Heading into the change rooms ... the 12 cubby holes on each end are the only storage for bags.

We explored the path to the Beta pool and the Hanging Gardens. The boardwalk to the Beta pool has been removed and the pool closed to protect an endangered snail in the year-round warm waters.

LiardRiver Hotsprings
Beta pool is permanently closed and the boardwalk has been removed

LiardRiver Hotsprings
The hanging gardens at Liard River Hotsprings

In summer the hanging gardens are usually dry with no waterfall.
Heading back to the parking area, I took one more shot of the Alpha pool.

LiardRiver Hotsprings
The new change rooms at the hotsprings ... some brush was also cleared from the pool edges

There are not many places for a good walk with the dogs in winter. This afternoon we decided to walk to the highway and the Liard River bridge to the east. I was hoping the bison were not in the area! Yesterday the bison were beside the park entrance so we had to detour with the dogs during the evening walk.

LiardRiver Hotsprings
Liard River Hotsprings park sign at the highway ... snow was melting fast in the warm weather

We hiked eastward on the highway towards the Liard River.

Liard River Bridge
Looking east under the Liard River Bridge

LiardRiver Hotsprings
Looking north on the Liard River

Later in the evening we returned to the pool for a soak. The pool wasn't busy but being it was a long weekend Saturday night, those in the pool were drinking, smoking, playing music and shouting back & forth. This ruined the relaxing atmosphere. We soaked for a couple of hours and left before darkness settled in.

Steve enjoyed a campfire while I caught up on some cleaning in the fifth wheel. Travelling with two dogs in winter creates more muss than usual!

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