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Braeburn to Faro, Klondike & Campbell Hwys

3 May 2013 - Friday

Had a great sleep and looked forward to a hearty breakfast at the Braeburn Lodge.

Then time to hit the road north and east to Faro for the Crane & Sheep Festival, an annual event to admire cranes flying overhead and sheep wandering the hills. The weather was slightly overcast as we headed out, and warm, which was nice.

North Klondike Hwy
First distance sign north of Braeburn

The landscape isn't overly spectacular between Braeburn and Carmacks, mostly rolling hills.

North Klondike Hwy
Northbound on the Klondike Highway

Stopped at Carmacks to feed the truck some diesel. The Yukon River crosses through Carmacks and it was still well-frozen.

North Klondike Hwy
Crossing the Yukon River at Carmacks

The junction of the Klondike & Campbell Highways is a bit north of the Yukon River.
Also see my page dedicated to the Campbell Highway.

Campbell Highway, Yukon
Turning eastward on the Campbell Highway just north of Carmacks

Not too much exciting from Carmacks to Faro. Some snow in the ditches and in the mountains, ice on the rivers & creeks, and no leaves on the trees yet. 

Frozen Yukon River
The Little Salmon River flows into the Yukon River

Little Salmon Lake is a large lake popular with fisherman. It was still well-frozen!

Little Salmon Lake
Little Salmon Lake

Campbell Highway, Yukon
Drury Creek campground is at the end of Little Salmon Lake

The end of Little Salmon Lake is in sight

Distance sign

There is a large sign on the Campbell Highway marking the turn-off to Faro, which is "Yukon's Best Kept Secret".

Faro Sign
Sign along the Campbell Highway indicating Faro turn-off

Faro is about 10 km north of the Campbell Highway on a road with a good surface.

10 km to Faro from the highway

The next turn to Faro is also well marked. 

Campbell Highway, Yukon
Sign at Faro, with the turn-off into town

After checking in at the visitor centre for our campsite at the John Connolly RV Park, we settled in.  It was apparent that the snow-clearing equipment had only recently been clearing the campsites.

We were told that usually the snow is all gone this time of year. Kudos to the crews for making room for everyone at the campground!

Faro Camping
Our campsite at the John Connolly RV Park in Faro

The crews had the water running but the electric wasn't on yet. A flip of the main breaker fixed that.

Faro Camping
Freshly plowed!

On this evening, the good folks of Faro were providing a chili-feast at the visitor centre. We headed over for some food, which was excellent. Then an evening drive to orient ourselves with the area.

Faro YT
View from the mine site road looking north

While we were poking around, a flock of cranes flew overhead. Good thing we saw these ones as this was the only large group that we saw through the weekend.

Cranes flying overhead

At a small pull-off there's information about the history of the mine, including this vintage truck.

Dump truck
Vintage dump truck that once worked the Faro mine

The Pelly River was also still icy, with some open water.

Pelly River
Looking westward from the bridge over the Pelly River

To the east of the bridge there were birds along the icy shoreline.

Pelly River
One Sandhill Crane with Canada Geese and Trumpeter Swans on the Pelly River

After some exploring we headed back to camp for the night.
Looked forward to some more exploring tomorrow!

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