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Crane & Sheep Festival at Faro YT

4 May 2013 - Saturday

Slept in a bit and after walking the dogs we loaded the truck with the day's gear. Fired it up ... and oh-oh ... the Check Engine Light came on. The truck was running rough. Hmmmm ... decided to idle around town a bit to see if things improved. A few minutes later the truck was fine.

The Mount Mye Sheep Viewing Centre was down a back road a ways. Off we went.

Blind Creek Road, Faro
Blind Creek Road, eastbound from Faro

Blind Creek Road, Faro
Continuing eastward on Blind Creek Road

Blind Creek Road, Faro
Still lots of snow around

Reached a dead end Lower Blind Creek Road, near the Dena Cho Trail. Snow was piled high. Backtracked to the junction for Mt Mye Sheep Viewing Center.

Blind Creek Road
The routes are well-marked

It's not only the road that isn't maintained!

Mt Mye Sheep Centre
One last puddle before reaching the Sheep Viewing Centre

Other than staff there weren't any people at the viewing centre.  It was quiet, for now.

Mt Mye Sheep Centre
The area around Mount Mye Sheep Centre

Mt Mye Sheep Centre
No worries ... too much snow!

mountain view
The sheep were WAY over on THAT mountain

Time to pull out the long lens for the camera and set up the tripod!

Fannin Sheep
Sheep in the distance ... can you see all five?

Some Sandhill Cranes flew by overhead.

Sandhill Cranes flying overhead

As a bus full of people arrived, we departed. The sheep were a long ways off so difficult to photograph. Saw a hawk but it didn't want to be photographed. So off we went for more exploring.

Headed northward on the mine road to the Fingers Site.
Luck was with us ... a couple of sheep were nearby!


Fannin Sheep

Fannin Sheep

Some swans flew by ...

Trumpeter Swans overhead

Next a visit to the Pelly River to take a look-see. This is what we saw yesterday...

Pelly River
Can you spot the Sandhill Crane?

Back to the campsite for a rest. Then off for the potluck supper at the community centre.
Then another visit to the bridge over the Pelly River ...

Swans galore
Wow! Birds everywhere!

Herring and Mew Gulls
A flock of Herring and Mew Gulls flew by

Returning to town, saw some birds at the sewage lagoon so stopped in.

Greater White-fronted Geese
Young Greater White-fronted Geese

Steve was whispering, "Look up, sweetie! Look up ... " and so I did, to see a muskrat going by.

A muskrat swam by

Then I saw some more birds on some ice over a berm. Poked my head over and they started waddling the other direction. The evening colours gave a nice effect ...

Geese on Ice
Geese & ducks on ice

A great day! Time for a quiet night!

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