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To Million Dollar Falls Campground on the Haines Road

29 June 2013 - Saturday

The long weekend! Went for a morning hike on the Takhini Salt Flats near km 1466.

Takhini Salt Flats by the Alaska Highway

We figured it was a good day to go camping. Loaded the camper on the truck, put in some groceries, topped up on the water, and off we went! The weather was very nice! 

Alaska Highway
Getting near to Haines Junction

Haines Junction is a small community with the most amazing mountains to the west.

Alaska Highway
Approaching Haines Junction

The Alaska Highway intersects with the Haines Highway in Haines Junction. Today we decided to go straight and continue on the Haines Highway.

Dezadeash River
Dezadeash River looking northwest from the bridge on the Haines Highway

It was just a nice day. Very nice day.

Haines Highway
Kluane Ranges / St. Elias Mountains seen just a few hundred metres past the Dezadeash River Bridge

At Dezadeash Lake we checked the campground. Last time the gate wasn't open because of snow. This time the gate was open but the campground was almost full. It was the long weekend and it was late in the afternoon so this wasn't surprising.

So we carried on. Million Dollar Falls campground was not much further and it was larger so maybe would have a few more vacant sites. Sighted some movement along the treeline.

Two grizzlies take note of us

I was fumbling to get the camera focused and on target. The grizzlies became wary when the truck slowed down. By the time I was ready, they were almost in the bush.

grizzly bear
Sneaking away - DARN!

Nearing Million Dollar Falls Yukon gov't campground, above the Takhanne River and overlooking the Tatshenshini River the views to the west are impressive.

Haines Highway
St Elias Mountains to the west, Mount Beaton in the distance

There were numerous sites available and our favourite site was vacant so in we went.

Campsite at Million Dollar Falls Campground on the Haines Highway

We arrived fairly late, about 9 p.m. The picture of our campsite was taken the next morning, when we woke to clear blue skies!

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