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Alaska Highway then to B.C. km 107 on the Haines Road

7 May 2014 - Wednesday

It has been a mild spring and today was no exception. Misty weather was in the forecast for the weekend so we decided to go now. I looked forward to a night visiting with the Willow Ptarmigan near the Haines Summit on the Haines Road.

At about 3 p.m. we headed down the driveway and turned west on the Alaska Highway.

Alaska Highway
West (north) bound on the Alaska Highway

We usually fill the truck with fuel at Otter Falls Lodge as we head out.

Alaska Highway
Sign for Otter Falls lodge near the turn-off to Aishihik Lake

The scenery approaching Haines Junction is always impressive on a sunny day.

Alaska Highway
Mount Kennedy peaking out between the nearer mountains

Paint Mountain is a landmark for travellers.

Alaska Highway
Paint Mountain is north of Haines Junction and this view is northeast of Haines Junction

Some wisps of clouds tickled the mountaintops.

Alaska highway
Kluane Ranges

Then the final straight stretch into the Junction.

Alaska Highway
A short distance from Haines Junction, advertising signs on the right

In Haines Junction, travellers continuing north on the Alaska Highway need to turn right.
We went straight through to head south on the Haines Road.

Haines Road, Yukon
Dezadeash River south of Haines Junction

Haines Rd
Kathleen River was low

I always enjoy the views around Dezadeash Lake.

Haines Road, Yukon
Dezadeash Lake had ice and open water

There's a large rest area with information signs overlooking the Tatshenshini River valley.

Haines Rd
Rest area overlooking the Tatshenshini River Valley

There is also a monument at the rest area.

Haines Rd
Sign on the monument at the Tatshenshini River valley overlook

Then down the hill to the valley with the Million Dollar Falls Yukon gov't campground. Then up a hill and into British Columbia near the old Blanchard River pump station that is now a highway maintenance camp.

Haines Rd
Southbound into British Columbia

The landscape goes on forever across the tundra and mountains.

Haines Road
Haines Road view

Patches of snow here and there, more as the elevation increased.

Haines Rd
Continuing south on the Haines Road

We reached our destination near km 107 and Chuck Creek. There is a nice spot to park off the highway. Willow Ptarmigan can be heard and they are also seen.

Haines Rd
Looking south near km 107

Haines Rd
Camper parked to the right

The Willow Ptarmigan were busy, wanting to get their spring mating done. The males were vocal, the females seemed to be practicing avoidance.

Willow Ptarmigan
Male Willow Ptarmigan

See my Willow Ptarmigan page for more images of these birds from this evening, if you are interested.

The border crossing closes for the night so the highway became even quieter as we settled into sleep. 

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