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Kluane Lake to Beaver Creek - Alaska Highway, Yukon

19 September 2014 - Friday

Kluane Lake was a bit choppy in the morning, which meant the kayaks would not be launched. We would have been blown northward towards Burwash if we'd tried it!

Kluane Lake
View of Kluane Lake from our campsite

After our dogwalk, we hit the road, northbound towards Beaver Creek (my hometown).

Alaska Highway
Heading northward from Congdon Creek towards Destruction Bay

Destruction Bay, Alaska Highway
Approaching Destruction Bay

Alaska Highway
Looking south between Burwash Airfield and the Duke River, looking towards the Donjek Range/St. Elias Mtns

Alaska Highway
Swede Johnson Creek is a bit north of the old Kluane Wilderness Village, near the Kluane River

The Donjek River area is another favourite area with many childhood memories.

Alaska Highway
The Donjek River valley in the distance, with the white-capped St. Clare peak on the right

There's some rough spots just before the bridge crossing the Donjek River.

Alaska Highway
South of the Donjek River

Alaska Highway
Donjek River - looking northward

Alaska Highway
Approaching Koidern River northbound

Alaska Highway
The Koidern River Lodge isn't open

Alaska Highway
Wetland north of the Koidern River

Another amazing river is the White River, again an area with many special childhood memories. 

Alaska Highway
Looking north over the White River

The permafrost in the Beaver Creek area means the highway is usually rough with frost heaves and breaks in the asphalt. It is often under repair or being rebuilt.

Alaska Highway

Huh? A signal light on the Alaska Highway, a few miles south of the Dry Creek area!

Alaska Highway
Waiting for the pilot car

Alaska Highway
Descending to Dry Creek, following the pilot car

Alaska Highway
This is how a culvert gets installed in a permafrost zone

Alaska Highway
The James Trail runs through this valley towards Snag

Alaska Highway
Still trying to figure out what works

Alaska Highway
Permafrost Test Section

Alaska Highway
Just about there!

Beaver Creek has changed a bit since I was a kid here. The old bridge is gone and I miss seeing it.

In Beaver Creek we first stopped to fill the truck with diesel. OOPS, noticed a flat tire starting on the fifth wheel, thank goodness for tandem axles! We carefully pulled into a RV site at the
Beaver Creek RV Park.  Removed the tire and took it over to FarWest for a repair. The fellow who fixed the tire chatted with us, he was in his 80s and said he was likely going to retire soon because it was getting harder to lift the tires. Sigh ... sure hope I'm that healthy and well at that age!

After the tire was back on the fifth wheel, we settled in for a quiet night of visiting with friends at the RV park's office. Shared many memories from the past.

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