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Liard Hotsprings, Alaska Highway, British Columbia
to Simpson Lake on the Campbell Highway in Yukon

16 September 2015 - Wednesday

We always sleep well after a soak in the hotsprings. In the morning, we enjoy taking a soak before hitting the road... 

boardwalk to Liard Hotsprings
Heading up to the hotsprings in the morning

Liard Hotsprings pool
Liard hotsprings in the morning

Liard Hotsprings
Looking to the cool side of Liard Hotsprings - it is still quite warm!

By 11:30 we were on the road again. Almost immediately we saw an old friend, who we saw when we were southbound. He was still limping and we waited patiently for him to cross the highway.  

Bison crossing Alaska HIghway
Back to the Alaska Highway and ready to turn north

The fall colours were out and the sky was blue...

Distance sign on the Alaska Highway
Distance sign northbound on the Alaska Highway

This stretch of highway is known for the bison herds. This morning they were resting.

Bison resting beside the Alaska Highway
Bison beside the Alaska Highway

Further along there was a lone bull beside the highway.

Biseon eating beside the Alaska Highway
Wood bison beside the Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway northbound
Approaching the Hyland River northbound, just before km 940 AK Hwy

Then we arrived back in Yukon! 

Yukon sign
Yukon, Larger than Life sign - Welcome to Yukon!

Then into Watson Lake.

Watson Lake, Yukon
Arriving at Watson Lake

Driving through Watson Lake, Yukon
Driving through Watson Lake, Yukon

We ate lunch in the parking lot at the Visitor Centre. After checking to ensure it was open, we headed north on the Campbell Highway to Simpson Lake, a government campground. 

Driving north on the Campbell Highway
Northbound on the Campbell Highway, near km 17

North on the Campbell Highway
Campbell Highway, near km 55

Mountains in the distance on the Campbell Highway
Near km 64, about 4 pm

At about km 67, the construction started.

Nearing construction zone on the Campbell Highway
Construction zone starting, about km 67 northbound

The construction zone got rougher. 

Campbell Highway construction zone
About km 69 northbound

Heavy equipment, construction, Campbell Highway
km 73, Campbell Highway northbound

Finally, the Simpson Lake campground sign, just 2 km to go!

Simpson Lake campground sign
Simpson Lake campground sign at about km 79

Arriving at Simpson Lake
Turning into the Simpson Lake campground - it's almost 2 km in from the highway

The campground wasn't busy. Some fisherman were there and that was it. We took a pull through site beside the lake. 

Campsite at Simpson Lake, Yukon
Campsite at Simpson Lake campground

Unloaded the kayaks to get ready for an evening paddle. 

Kayaking on Simpson Lake, Yukon
Steve out paddling in the kayak and fishing

Simpson Lake, Yukon
My kayak on the shore, ready to go.

Kayaking Simpson Lake in the evening
Evening kayak, that's our fifth wheel on the shore (white blob)

Another pleasant and quiet evening. We were hoping it would be a good morning for kayaking. 

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