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Kathleen Lake & Kluane Lake - 5 March 2016

It was a beautiful day so we decided to take a drive west and north. Didn't have a firm plan, just wanted to go and enjoy the day. We headed towards Haines Junction.

Coyote on the Dezadeash River, Haines Junction
Coyote trotting across the ice near the Dezadeash River

Moose in the trees along the Haines Hwy
Moose playing hide and seek in the trees

At Haines Junction we decided to carry on along the Haines Road to Kathleen Lake.

Kathleen Lake with ice in March
Kathleen Lake with ice and snowmobile tracks

We decided to head north towards Kluane Lake. There were clouds to the south but blue sky to the north!

Northbound Haines Highway towards Haines Junction
Heading towards Haines Junction (northbound) on the Haines Road

Kluane Ranges west of Haines Junction along the Haines Road
Looking to the northwest from the Haines Road

Entering Haines Junction, Yukon on the Haines Road
Approaching Haines Junction on the Haines Road

Sign at the junction of the Haines Road and Alaska Highway
Turn left on the Alaska Highway to Kluane or go straight towards home?

We turned north towards Kluane Lake.

Christmas Creek on the Alaska Highway with Kluane in the background
At Christmas Creek with the Kluane Ranges in the distance

On the Alaska Highway approaching Kluane Lake in Yukon
Sheep Mountain and Kluane Lake ahead

Sheep Mountain in March
Sheep Mountain looking bare in winter

It's a childhood habit - always look for Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain.

Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain at Kluane Lake in Yukon
Dall Sheep in the distance on Sheep Mountain by Kluane Lake

Dall Sheep in winter on Sheep Mountain
Dall Sheep down low on Sheep Mountain

West up the Slims River valley at Kluane Lake, Yukon
Looking to the west from the pull out by Soldier's Summit

On the way home, Steve spotted movement in the ditch. Sure'nuff! There were two Lynx having a hissy fit and a cat fight! See my page with many photos and video of the Lynx activity.

Lynx beside the Alaska Highway, north of Haines Junction
Two Lynx beside the Alaska Highway north of Haines Junction

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph those lynx!

Paint Mountain east of Haines Junction, Yukon on the Alaska Highway
Heading towards Paint Mountain, out of Haines Junction

Another beautiful winter day in Yukon!

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