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Alaska Highway, Haines Junction to Kluane Lake, Yukon

Also see the pages dedicated to Kluane Lake and Silver City.

Other pages with this section of the Alaska Highway:

Along the Alaska Highway

The Haines Junction area features mountains. In Haines Junction be sure to turn right to continue north on the Alaska Highway. Otherwise, you'll head south to Haines on the Haines Road.

The landscape continues to be wonderful north of Haines Junction.

Haines Junction
Heading north on the Alaska Highway from Haines Junction - June 2013

The hills above are spectacular in winter too.

km 1584 Alaska Highway near Haines Junction, Yukon YT
View northward at km 1584, just north of Haines Junction - March 2011

Alaska Highway near Haines Junction, Yukon
View travelling south towards Haines Junction - June 2012

Kluane Lake is one of our favourite areas. On sunny days it is spectacular.
On cloudy days the mountain ranges can be hidden and the distant views are limited.

Kluane Lake
View of Kluane Lake northbound on the Alaska Highway - June 2013

Kluane lake
Kluane Lake, same view as above with ice on the lake - March 2014

Kluane Ranges
Looking west towards the Kluane Ranges, south of Kluane Lake - June 2012

Kluane Lake rest area
Kluane Lake Viewpoint, km 1645 looking north towards Kluane Lake - September 2013

At km 1636 (historical mile 1053) there is a road to an unmaintained historical site, Silver City.
This early 1900s trading post & roadhouse included a North West Mounted Police barracks.
When I was a kid we often stopped to look at the ruins on our way home from Whitehorse.

Silver City Lodge, Kluane Lake, Yukon
Front view of Jack Hayden's homestead - June 2008

Silver City
Front view of Hayden homestead - September 2013

See this page for more of my pictures of Silver City.

Hiking along Kluane Lake in Yukon
Taking the dogs for a walk along the shore of Kluane Lake - July 2011

Back on the Alaska Highway, continuing northward.

Alaska Highway and Kluane Lake
Leaving Silver City headed north to Kluane Lake - August 2013

Kluane in November
Kluane Lake - November 2014

Kluane Lake
Kluane Lake and Sheep Mountain - June 2013

Windstorm on Kluane Lake
Dust storms are becoming common alongside Sheep Mountain - May 2015

Dust storms are becoming common because the lake level is lowering due to a change in the Slims River. The melt from a glacier now flows out to the coast rather than to Kluane Lake.

Kluane Lake in September
Another view of Sheep Mountain in fall colours - September 2014

On the south side of Kluane Lake, there are many areas to stop and enjoy the sights. 
I love Sheep Mountain; as a child I spent many hours looking for sheep on the hillsides.

Kluane Lake
Approaching Sheep Mountain northbound - August 2014

sheep mountain
Sheep Mountain view before crossing Slim's River bridge - May 2019

The Slim's River bridge was rebuilt in 2009/2010.

Kluane Lake
No overhead structure on the Slim's River bridge now - June 2013

Slim's River
Slim's River in Kluane National Park - July 2013

Slims River valley in Kluane National Park, Yukon
Parked at the visitor centre at Sheep Mountain, looking west along the Slim's River - Sept 2009

Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep (white dots) on Sheep Mountain - September 2013

dall sheep
More white dots (Dall Sheep) on Sheep Mountain - August 2019

Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain
Dall Sheep with fall colours on Sheep Mountain - September 2014

dall sheep eating
Dall Sheep munching on Sheep Mountain - November 30, 2019

Alaska Highway near Sheep Mountain, Kluane Lake, Yukon
Alaska Highway and Slims River Flats seen from near Soldier's Summit - June 2012

Slims River flats
Slim's River flats view from Soldier's Summit - August 2019

Soldier's Summit
View from Soldier's Summit - July 2013

view from Soldier's Summit by Kluane Lake
View from Soldier's Summit showing lowered water level in Kluane Lake- June 2017

See more images of Soldier's Summit below.

Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway alongside Kluane Lake - June 2012

Sheep Mountain, there's a reason it is called that!

Dall Sheep
Keep your eyes open for Dall Sheep just around the next bend
See more images of these sheep at 22 March 2014, my drive to Anchorage AK.

Alaska Highway, Kluane Lake, Yukon
Driving northward along the shores of Kluane Lake - June 2012

hiking along Kluane lake
Walking between Kluane Lake and the Alaska Highway - September 2014

Fishing Kluane Lake
Fishing Kluane Lake in May 2015

Hiking Sheep Mountain at Kluane Lake

I had wanted to hike Sheep Mountain as a kid. Every time my family drove by I imagined being on it. FINALLY, in 1993 I hiked Sheep Mountain! In 2011 we again hiked along Sheep Creek.

Hiking Sheep Mountain, overlooking Slim's River
Looking west from Sheep Mountain -September 1993

Sheep Creek hiking trail, Kluane National Park, Yukon
On west side of Sheep Mountain looking west - September 2011

Sheep Creek hike, Kluane National Park, Yukon
Looking back towards Kluane Lake - September 2011

The zoom lens was required and I was a bit out-of-breath so it was a challenge to hold the camera steady! The image is also cropped a great deal.

Dall sheep on Sheep Mountain, Yukon
Dall sheep seen from Sheep Creek hike on Sheep Mountain - September 2011

Kluane National Park, Yukon
Stunning views with fall colours - September 2011

Hoodoos on Sheep Mountain, Yukon
Looking up the west side of Sheep Mountain - September 1993

Sheep Creek Trail, Kluane National Park, Yukon
Hiking back down Sheep Creek trail in Kluane National Park - September 2011

Soldier's Summit - km 1651 (historical milepost 1061)

Soldier's Summit is where the official opening ceremony for the Alcan Military Highway was held in November 1942. In 1992 a trail to the ceremony site was improved for the 50th anniversary  ceremony. It is a short uphill hike, starting at a good parking area along Kluane Lake. In 2017 the trail was improved again for the 75th anniversary.

Soldier's Summit trail
Trail up to Soldier's Summit - July 2013

Soldier's Summit
Plaque at Soldier's Summit - August 2014

Soldier's Summit, Kluane Lake, Yukon YT
Soldier's Summit - September 2009

Soldier's Summit
View from the old highway alignment near Soldier's Summit - June 2012

Survey marker
A historical survey marker near the shores of Kluane lake - May 2015

Congdon Creek Yukon Government campground - km 1666

Congdon Creek Campground sign
2 km to Congdon Creek northbound - September 2014

Congdon Creek tops the list of our favourite stops. Some of the campsites are by the lakeshore.

Congdon Creek Campground, Kluane National Park
Congdon Creek campground - June 2008

I have many memories of a rough lake with whitecaps moving quickly along the surface. It amazed me that on two separate trips the lake was absolutely calm and mirror flat. Beautiful!

Kayaking on Kluane Lake
Kayaking on Kluane Lake - August 2014

Rowing on Kluane Lake
Rowing on Kluane Lake - July 2015

Kluane Lake
Looking south over Kluane Lake from Congdon Creek Yukon government campground - July 2011

Congdon Creek
Looking northward on Kluane Lake from the Congdon Creek campground - June 2013

Congdon Creek sign
No tenting at Congdon Creek in 2013 due to a grizzly in the area - June 2013
There is now a specific tenting area with an electrical fence to keep the bears out.

Congdon Creek sign

In August 2010 we met this brown bear just north of the Congdon Creek campground.

Grizzly bear on Alaska Highway near Kluane Lake
Brown bear on the Alaska Highway near Destruction Bay on Kluane Lake - August 2010

Destruction Bay
Approaching Destruction Bay northbound - September 2014

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