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Alaska Highway - B.C. border to Whitehorse, Yukon

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More of this portion of the Alaska Hwy:

map of Yukon

We're always happy to return to Yukon! The Alaska Highway dips into British Columbia and into Yukon several times while heading to Watson Lake.

Contact Creek, Yukon
Contact Creek Lodge - August 2010

Yukon sign on Alaska Highway
Sign at Watson Lake - August 2010

Watson Lake - km 980 (historical mile 635)

Arriving at Watson lake, Yukon
Arriving at Watson Lake - September 2015

Watson Lake
Heading west through Watson Lake - September 2015

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, Yukon
Sign forest at Watson Lake, historical milepost 635 - September 1993

Watson Lake sign forest, Yukon
Sign forest in Watson Lake - July 2009

Watson Lake campground
Sign marking the Watson Lake Yukon government campground - Sept 2017

Watson Lake dock
Walking the dogs at the Watson Lake campground in the evening- Sept 2017

After you leave Watson Lake heading to Whitehorse, there's a large rest area north of the Highway 37 (Cassiar Hwy) junction. It was good information signs.

Sign at Junction 37
Information sign at a rest stop near the AK Hwy junction with Hwy 37 (Cassiar Hwy) - Sept 2015

Camping by a lake
Camped at a lake alongside the Alaska Highway - August 2010

Big Creek Yukon campground
Big Creek Yukon government campground, about km 1043 - September 2010

The fall colours can be brilliant in the sunshine!

Alaska Highway, Yukon
Fall colours near Big Creek - September 2010

Alaska Highway, Yukon
Northbound on the Alaska Highway, north of Junction 37 - July 2009

Northbound on the Alaska Highway
Northbound on the Alaska Highway km 1074 - August 2010

Southbound on the Alaska Highway, YukonSouthbound near the Swift River Rest Area - September 2010

Alaska Highway in Yukon
Southbound on the Alaska Highway - September 2010

Rancheria Falls Recreation Site - km 1084

Rancheria Falls, Yukon
Rancheria Falls Recreation Site, km 1084 (mile 677) - June 2008

Approaching Teslin
Nearing Teslin on the Alaska Highway northbound - September 2015

Bridge at Teslin in August 2010

Squanga Lake Yukon government campground - km 1316

Squanga Lake, Yukon
Squanga Lake Yukon government campground - September 2007

Squanga Lake campground
Squanga Lake Yukon government campground - September 2007

AK HwyDescending the hill southbound to Johnson's Crossing - September 2009

Johnson's Crossing
Johnson's Crossing - southbound on the bridge over the Teslin River - September 2009

AK Hwy
View to the south near Jake's Corner - September 2009

Arriving in Whitehorse, Yukon
Arriving in Whitehorse, northbound on the Alaska Highway - September 2015

Driving into Whitehorse on the Robert Service Boulevard, also called the south access - August 2010

SS Klondike
Historic SS Klondike in Whitehorse in winter - January 2014

Yukon River in Winter
Yukon River running through Whitehorse - January 2014

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