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Alaska Highway - Whitehorse to Haines Junction, Yukon

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More photos of this portion of the Alaska Highway are on these pages:

map of Yukon

A few miles south of Whitehorse is the Wolf Creek Yukon government campground.
It is a pleasant place to camp and there is good hiking in the area.

Wolf creek hiking trail
View from hiking trail near Wolf Creek Yukon government campground - September 1995

wolf creek trail at campground
View of Yukon River from hiking trail near Wolf Creek Yukon gov't campground - September 1995

Whitehorse - km 1425 (historical mile 918)

Whitehorse YT
Walking along the Yukon River near downtown Whitehorse - January 2014

Klondike Paddlewheeler in Yukon
Historic S.S. Klondike paddle wheeler in Whitehorse - September 1995

S.S. Klondike
S.S. Klondike paddle wheeler in Whitehorse - January 2014

Whitehorse - Robert Service Blvd in Yukon
Driving towards downtown on the Robert Service Blvd beside the Yukon River - August 2010

Downtown Whitehorse
Downtown Whitehorse, looking northward - August 2017

The Millennium Trail is a paved hiking/biking trail south of downtown Whitehorse along the Yukon River. There's a popular spot for playboating in the river.

Playboating / kayaking on the Yukon River near Whitehorse
Playboating in the Yukon River in Whitehorse - September 2010

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve it just a bit northwest of town and worth visiting.
See images of the wildlife on my page from 12 July 2012

Alaska Highway between Whitehorse and Haines Junction

Heading north on the Alaska Highway from Whitehorse, you can go west towards Haines Junction or turn north on the Klondike Highway and go to Dawson City.

Mayo road - Klondike Highway junction
As you leave Whitehorse northbound, the Klondike Hwy is the first junction - Sept 2015
This junction was reconstructed in 2020 and the highway has better turning lanes now.

Leaving Whitehorse, Yukon
Just a few miles outside the Whitehorse city limits, heading towards Haines Junction - Sept 2015

AK Hwy
Alaska Highway northbound through the Ibex Valley west/north of Whitehorse - August 2009

AK Hwy
View from the Alaska Highway of the Takhini Salt Flats area in the Ibex Valley- August 2009

Takhini Salt Flats
Hike into the Takhini Salt Flats beside the Alaska Highway, near km 1466 - June 2013

AK Hwy
Photo showing Alaska Highway being upgraded about 50 km west of Whitehorse - August 2009

The Takhini Elk Herd is often by the highway in this area. Stay alert during all seasons.
See more of my elk photos on my other page dedicated to elk.

Takhini Elk
Photo of the Takhini Elk herd crossing the Alaska Highway - January 2014

Takhini Elk Herd in Yukon
RVer stopping to avoid elk crossing the Alaska Highway in the Ibex Valley - August 2011

Elk on AK Hwy
Bull Elk on the Alaska Highway - October 2013

Bull elk during the bugling season - October 2013

Km 1470
km 1470, looking east towards Whitehorse - March 2013

Kusawa Lake Yukon Government Campground - turn off Alaska Hwy at km 1489

The Milepost guide had indicated the 24 km (15 mile) access road to Kusawa Lake is narrow and winding and "not recommended for large RVs or trailers". We had no problems towing our fifth wheel to the campground and joined many other travel trailers and fifth wheels of similar size.
The road to Kusawa Lake has been improved and is easier to drive now.

Kusawa Lake, Yukon
View of Kusawa Lake from the beach by our campsite - June 2008 

Kusawa Lake
An ice covered Kusawa Lake flowing into the Takhini River - January 2016

Back on the Alaska Highway heading towards Haines Junction.

These elk were on the Alaska Highway near Mendenhall in November 2019

Northwest of Mendenhall Subdivision there is a turn-off to the historical village of Champagne.

Champagne, Yukon
Information signs at the village of Champagne near the Alaska Highway.- June 2013

Alaska Highway km 1520
Northbound on the Alaska Highway, approaching km 1530 - April 2016

Moose along the Alaska Highway
Cow moose with two calves beside the Alaska Highway- March 2013

Otter Falls Cutoff Lodge
Sign marking Otter Falls Cutoff Lodge 2 km ahead - May 2014

Aishihik Road and Otter Falls - km 1546

At km 1546 you can turn north on the Aishihik Road and drive a gravel road 28 km to Otter Falls. For images of Aishihik Road, a 120 km rough gravel road to the abandoned Aishihik airfield, visit
19 October 2013 page or my page from 7 October 2012.

Sign at Otter Falls in Yukon
Sign at Otter Falls on the Aishihik Road (historical mile 996) - June 1996

Otter Falls in 1996
Otter Falls - June 1996

Otter Falls, Yukon
Otter Falls - October 2012

See more of the Aishihik Road and Otter Falls area on my page 19 October 2013
Back to the Alaska Highway northbound towards Haines Junction.

Canyon Creek Bridge
Canyon Creek Bridge, this is a replica of the original bridge - June 2013

AK Hwy
Northbound on the Alaska Highway, not too far from Haines Junction - May 2013

Kluane Ranges
Photo of sunrise on the Kluane Ranges, near Haines Junction - March 2014

AK Hwy
Same view from the same rest area in the fall - September 2013

Haines Junction
Approaching Haines Junction - June 2013

AK Hwy
Almost the same view as above, approaching Haines Junction in winter - February 2014

If you turn around to look behind you, Paint Mountain fills the view.
Paint Mountain is actually north of Haines Junction - the AK Hwy heads north from the Junction and then turns easterly heading towards Whitehorse.

Paint Mountain
Photo of Paint Mountain, north of Haines Junction while southbound on the AK Hwy - March 2014

Do not miss this the right turn in Haines Junction to continue north on the Alaska Highway!

Turn right to continue north on the Alaska Highway - June 2013

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