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Haines Road, Yukon - British Columbia to Alaska

Haines Junction, Yukon to Haines, Alaska on the Haines Road

Haines Road map

At Haines Junction travelers can continue north on the Alaska Hwy or head south on the Haines Hwy towards Haines, Alaska.

Kathleen Lake in Kluane National Park is a popular destination.

The Haines Road is beautiful and the photo opportunities are plentiful!

September is a particularly nice time of year, with golden red hues on the hillsides.

We enjoy the Haines Road and have driven the Canadian portion many times: 2008, 2009, 2011, March 2013, March 2014, and May 2015. In May 2013, we drove to Haines.

These pictures are from Haines Junction going southward.  Some were taken northbound and some southbound, thus it can be a bit confusing. 

View from a rest area south of Haines Junction, with the Alaska Hwy in the distance - May 2014

Haines Highway
Northbound on the Haines Hwy, looking towards Haines Junction - June 2013

Monument for Kluane National Park on Haines Road in Yukon
Monument acknowledging the significance of Kluane National Park - September 2009

Kathleen Lake is 26 km (16 miles) south of Haines Junction and is within Kluane National Park.

Kluane National Park, Yukon
Kluane Ranges from the rest area near Kathleen Lake, in Kluane National Park - September 2011

Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park
View of Kathleen Lake from a viewpoint on the Haines Hwy - June 2008

Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park
Looking north on Kathleen Lake - September 2011

Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park, Yukon
Looking towards the westside of Kathleen Lake from the parking day-use area - September 2011

Kathleen Lake in July
Kathleen Lake - July 2014

There are numerous hiking trails in the area. This is the start of the Cottonwood Trail.

Cottonwood Trail, Kathleen Lake
Start of the Cottonwood Trail in Kluane National Park - June 2008

Warning sign at Kathleen Lake
Trail users see this warning as they head out - June 2008

The national park campground is similar to the Yukon campgrounds in that there are no services.   The campground was not near the lake either, although the sites were private and scenic.

Kathleen Lake campsite, Kluane National Park, Yukon
Campsite at Kathleen Lake Campground - June 2008

Haines Road, Yukon
Southbound on the Haines Hwy - September 2011

There's a hiking trail up Rock Glacier alongside Dezadeash Lake. 
Easy parking at the trailhead for RVs and great views from above!

Dezadeash Lake
View of Dezadeash Lake from the Rock Glacier - July 2019

Rock Glacier
Hiking up the Rock Glacier - July 2019

The trail is good walking, more difficult descending though because the rocks slip under your feet!

Rock Glacier Trail

Twenty-four kilometres (14 miles) south of Kathleen Lake is the Dezadeash Lake campground.  Many of the campsites are along the lake edge.

Dezadeash Lake, Yukon
Southbound beside Dezadeash Lake, before the Yukon Gov't Campground - September 2011

Haines Hwy near Dezadeash Lake
Same view over Dezadeash Lake in March 2013

Sign for Dezadeash lake campground
Sign for the Dezadeash Lake Campground - September 2016

Dezadeash Lake, Yukon on Haines Road
View from lakeshore by our campsite at Dezadeash Lake - June 2008

Dezadeash Lake on Haines Road in Yukon
Dezadeash Lake Yukon government campground - June 2008

Haines Hwy
View of Dezadeash Lake northbound on the Haines Hwy - June 2013

Dezadeash Lake and Haines Road
Same view of Dezadeash Lake as above photo - April 2019

Continuing south, the mountains provide wonderful views near Klukshu.

Haines Road, Yukon
Southbound on the Haines Hwy near the village of Klukshu - September 2011

Haines Highway near Klukshu
This shot taken near the same location as the image above, near Klukshu - March 2013

Klukshu village
Klukshu Village - September 2009

Haines Hwy
Southbound on the Haines Hwy north of Million Dollar Falls Yukon Gov't campground - June 2013

The Million Dollar Falls campground was closed in June 2008 due to grizzly bear activity. 
This was very disappointing.  In 2009, we camped overnight at Million Dollar Falls.

Sign for Million Dollar Falls campground
Access road to Million Dollar Falls campground - May 2015

Million Dollar Falls campground
Campground sign at Million Dollar Falls - September 2009

Million Dollar Falls Campground in Yukon on Haines Road
Million Dollar Falls Campground - September 2009

Million Dollar Falls campground on Haines Road in Yukon
Million Dollar Falls viewed from trail near the campground - September 2009

Million Dollar Falls in May
River still had ice on it May 2015

Haines Road, British Columbia
Looking west into the Tatshenshini-Alsek Park from the Haines Hwy - September 2011

Tatshenshin-Alsek viewpoint
Snowed in viewpoint overlooking the Tatshenshini-Alsek Park - March 2013

Monument sign about the Tatshenshini River - May 2014

Traffic in Yukon on the Haines Highway

Northbound into Yukon from B.C. - May 2014

Southbound into B.C. from Yukon - May 2014

Haines Highway
Near Chuck Creek - May 2013

Haines Hwy
Valley overlooking Kelsall Lake - May 2013

Kelsall Lake
Kelsall Lake - July 2013

Kelsall River
Kelsall River in British Columbia - July 2013

winter at Haines Summit
Haines Highway Summit - March 2013

Haines Hwy
View from the Haines Summit - May 2013

Haines Hwy
and again in June 2013, the Haines Summit

Haines Hwy
Southbound on the Haines Highway heading towards the Haines Summit - July 2013

Three Guardsmen Pass is south from the Haines Summit, but not far.

Glave Peak
Southbound towards Glave Peak, part of the Three Guardsmen - May 2013


The fall colours along the Haines Highway are spectacular!

The other side of Glave Peak from the south - September 2013

Bear eating a meal before winter naptime - September 2013

Not too much further was the border crossing into Alaska.

Haines Hwy
Crossing into Alaska

The crossing went quickly, no issues. The highway began to follow a river.

Haines Hwy
The GPS topo map calls this Chilkat Lake, but it looks like a river to me - May 2013

Haines Hwy
Chilkat Lake, heading south - May 2013

It was time for supper so we pulled into a parking lot alongside the Haines harbour area. It made for interesting watching while we ate.

Haines Harbour
Haines harbour - May 2013

Haines AK
Rainbow Glacier seen from Seduction Point at the end of Mud Bay Road - May 2013

Returned to Haines and to the Chilkoot State Park, 10 miles north off Lutak Road.

Haines AK
Waterfalls across the Chilkat Lynn Canal - May 2013

The state campground was a nice spot. Maybe the grey skies just made things feel damp.

Haines AK
Looking north on Chilkoot Lake - May 2013