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Meziadin Junction to Vancouver Island, BC

10 July 2008 - Hwy 37 and Hwy 16 to Vanderhoof

Last night was windy at Meziadin Lake. This morning the lake was calm and there was a light overcast. As we left Meziadin Junction, we felt this trip was over. Now, we are just 'making miles' to get home. Although "home" is still two sleeps away.

Cassiar Highway
Southbound on the Cassiar highway, south of Meziadin Junction

Bonus Lake
Bonus Lake Forest Service Recreation Site along the Cassiar Highway; too small for our rig

Drove to Vanderhoof and overnighted at Dave's RV Park. Nice commercial campground, very clean, pleasant hosts.

11 July 2008 - Fraser Canyon

Continued eastward on Highway 16 to Prince George, then south on Highway 97.
At Cache Creek, continued south on Highway 1 towards the Fraser Canyon.

Fraser Canyon
Thompson River from the highway

We decided to overnight at Skihist Provincial Park campground on the east side of Highway 1, overlooking the Thompson River and the Canadian National Railway.

Fraser Canyon
View in Skihist Provincial Park campground, overlooking the Thompson River and rail tunnels

Fraser Canyon
Rails tunnels/sheds along the river, seen from ridge in Skihist Provincial Park

The evening was HOT! The awning came out to provide some much-valued shade!

Fraser Canyon
Campsite in Skihist Provincial park, looking west. That is Cassiar Hwy mud on the truck and fifth wheel.

Skihist Provincial Park
Skihist Provincial Park campground looking west from our campsite

12 July 2008 - Fraser Canyon

Last day on the road. A short trip today to the BC Ferry and home to Vancouver Island.

Fraser Canyon
Rail tunnel lower left with highway bridge upper right, looking north from a rest area the Fraser Canyon

Fraser Canyon
View to the southwest from the same rest area

That's it! Arrived home mid-afternoon after a good drive through the Lower Mainland and arriving at the ferry terminal in time to simply drive directly on to the ferry. A great way to end the trip!