Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Whitehorse YT to Tok AK - Alaska Highway
then on to Anchorage

22 March 2014 - Saturday

Had a reason to go to Anchorage, Alaska. Decided to make the drive in a single day.
On the road at 7 a.m. headed north.

Moon over the Alaska Highway

Approaching Haines Junction, the sun started to ease over the mountain ridges.

Sunrise on the Kluane Ranges / St. Elias Mountains from the rest area east of Haines Junction

Approaching Kluane Lake the light was still dull, especially with the overcast clouds. When I saw a moose munching alongside the highway, had to stop and try some pictures. She cooperated nicely...

Cow Moose near Kluane Lake 

Cow moose near Kluane Lake 

Carrying on around Kluane Lake, the view of Sheep Mountain deserved some photos too. I might compile a page of the many images I have of the mountain during different seasons and conditions.

Sheep Mountain
Heading towards Sheep Mountain beside Kluane Lake

The mountain is called Sheep Mountain for a reason; many Dall Sheep thrive on it.
On occasion, the sheep are on the road... 

Dall Sheep
Dall Sheep on the Alaska Highway beside Kluane Lake

Dall Sheep
Ram flirting with me

Dall Sheep
Licking at the cracks in the Alaska Highway

Donjek River
Looking west over the Donjek River from the Donjek bridge

At the Donjek River, there was an electronic sign with a message from the highway maintenance crews:  UNEVEN ROAD SURFACE

Pickhandle Lake
Approaching Pickhandle Lake

Carrying on, I encountered some of the uneven road surfaces... 

Frost heaves
The freeze thaw cycle wreaks havoc on the highway in this area 

Beaver Creek
Northbound through Beaver Creek

I grew up in Beaver Creek and was tempted to stop.
Needed to make time though; Anchorage was still hours and hours away. 

Beaver Creek customs
Beaver Creek customs

The Alaska Highway between Beaver Creek and the border has been upgraded many times. There is a long stretch of good gravel now.

Gravel highway
Gravel highway between Beaver Creek and the border

At the Alaska border crossing, I was asked where I was going, for what reason and for how long. Then I was asked if I would be leaving anything behind in Alaska when I left. Then I was on my way again.

Caribou (reindeer) getting off the highway

Caribou carrying on over the hill

Tanana River
Crossing the newer Tanana River bridge heading towards Tok

Tok, Mile 1313
Tok - Mile 1313, Alaska Highway

Turning off the Alaska Highway onto the Tok Cut-off then along the Glenn Highway on my way to Anchorage...NEXT PAGE

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