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Watson Lake YT to Liard River Hotsprings, BC

7 September 2009 - Monday (Labour Day holiday)

Watson Lake is just a couple of hours from Liard Hotsprings. We took our time getting going in the morning, including a visit to the grocery store. After getting set up for a few more days, we were on the road by 11 a.m.

It RAINED. Good hot springs weather, but lousy picture-taking weather! Stay tuned to see pictures of the road between Liard and Watson Lake, as we backtracked to the Cassiar Highway for our drive home.

At about 2 p.m., the park sign was a welcome sight! We looked forward to a nice long soak in the rain late in the afternoon (gotta walk the dogs before leaving them in the fifth wheel for a few hours).

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Sign at the entrance to Liard River Hotsprings

8 September 2009 - Tuesday

The day was overcast with rain showers. Nice soaking weather! For more pictures of Liard and the hotsprings, visit Yukon Sights - Liard Hot Springs.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Start of the boardwalk to the hot springs

The boardwalk takes a few minutes to walk. It's in good condition all the way to the springs.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Boardwalk in the forest on the way to the springs

Along the way, there are various signs that provide info about the springs and area.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Info sign along the boardwalk

The boardwalk traverses many warm pools. Look closely into the pools to see little fish (about 2" long). In the picture below, the fish are marked with red arrows. I didn't take a picture of all the cigarette butts in the water ... PLEASE use the ashtrays along the boardwalk.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Warm water fish in the pools near Liard Hotsprings

There is a warning sign about bears. This sign is at the start of the boardwalk.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Warning sign at the beginning of the boardwalk at Liard Hotsprings

The pools were quiet this time of year and we had the Alpha Pool to ourselves.  Beta Pool was closed due to bear activity in the area.

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