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Alaska Highway - British Columbia

Page contents:

Our most recent trip along this section was in September 2015

Dawson Creek Mile 0 to Fort St John

Entering Dawson Creek on Highway 2 (from Alberta).

Dawson Creek sign
Welcome to Dawson Creek sign - September 2015

entering the Alaska Highway
The sign at the start of the Alaska Highway - September 2015

The Alaska Highway north of Dawson Creek looks similar to other highways. 

Leaving Dawson Creek northbound on the Alaska Highway
Northbound on the Alaska Highway just north of Dawson Creek - September 2015

Twenty-eight kilometres (17 miles) north of Dawson Creek there is an interesting side trip along the old Alaska Highway that leads to the Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge. Also a nice provincial park campground at the Kiskatinaw bridge so you can camp and explore the area.

Alaska Highway, Kiskatinaw BC
Sign indicating the Kiskatinaw bridge is just ahead - August 2010

Kiskatinaw Provincial Park includes a provincial campground near the Kiskatinaw bridge.  This historical timber bridge is a curved bridge that is interesting to see and hike around.

Kiskatinaw Bridge, Alaska Highway, BC
Kiskatinaw Bridge on the old Alaska Highway route viewed from the south side  - August 2010 

Kiskatinow Bridge, Alaska Highway, BC
Kiskatinaw Bridge on the old Alaska Highway route - August 2010 

Driving across the bridge in a large RV is also interesting ...

Kiskatinow Bridge, Alaska Highway, BC
The plank deck on the Kiskatinaw bridge is unique - August 2010

If you continue on the main Alaska Highway you will cross over the new Kiskatinaw River bridge rather than visit the historical Kiskatinaw bridge on the old AK Hwy.

Kiskatinaw river bridge
Kiskatinaw River Bridge,  Alaska Highway - September 2015

Taylor, Alaska Highway
In 2015 the Alaska Highway was under construction northbound approaching Taylor - Sept 2015

Approaching Wonowon (1-oh-1), there are numerous open camps along the highway. These provide accommodation to gas field workers. It can be difficult to find campsites as many of the workers have their own accommodation and camp in the campsites so they can be full.

Camp for gas and oil field workers
These camps are for the gas field workers - Sept 2015

Alaska Highway fall colours
Love the fall colours this time of year! This is near km 175 of the Alaska Highway - Sept 2015

Semi-trucks on the Alaska Highway
The semi-trucks are working with the gas fields - there are lots of them on the highway, near km 207

Nearing Pink Mountain, there are more Open Camps.

Mancamp for workers
Another open camp for the workers - km 226

Not too far past Pink Mountain, the Rocky Mountain Foothills become visible in the distance.

Fall colours on the Alaska Highway
The Rocky Mountain Foothills ahead - Sept 2015

Distance sign to Fort Nelson
Another distance sign near km 228 on the Alaska Highway - September 2015

Bridge over the Alaska Highway - Sikanni Chief River
Sikanni Chief River and campground to the left - Sept 2015

Ranchland in northern B.C.
Ranchland near Prophet River, km 360 - Sept 2015

Approaching Steamboat mountain
Northbound on the Alaska Highway at km 372 - Sept 2015

Alaska Highway distance sign
Distance sign, almost at Fort Nelson but another 600 km to Watson Lake YT - Sept 2015

Fort Nelson to Liard Hotsprings

Alaska Highway scene
Mountain silhouettes at km 536 - Sept 2015

Alaska Highway, British Columbia
Fall colours southbound on the Alaska Highway - Sept 2007

Summit Lake, Alaska Highway, Stone Mountain Provincial Park
Entrance to Summit Lake Campground within Stone Mountain Provincial Park - Aug 2010

Summit Lake, Alaska Highway, BC
Summit Lake (historical milepost 392) - Aug 2010

Summit Lake campground
Summit Lake Campground - Sept 2015

Mom and baby stone sheep
A mom and baby Stone Sheep beside the AK Hwy - Sept 2015

Long way down
Macdonald Creek heading south in Stone Mountain Park - km 604 - Sept 2015

The area between Stone Mountain and Liard Hot Springs has an abundance of wildlife.  We have seen caribou, elk, moose, buffalo, wolves. black bears and more.

Caribou on Alaska Highway, British Columbia
Wildlife along Alaska Highway - Sept 2007

Muncho Lake
Muncho Lake - Sept 2015

Kayaking on Muncho Lake, BC
Kayaking on Muncho Lake - Sept 2017

Campsite at Muncho Lake
Campsite at MacDonald campground at Muncho Lake - Sept 2017

Muncho Lake near Alaska Highway in British ColumbiaLooking northward from MacDonald campground at Muncho Lake - August 2010

Driving along Muncho Lake
Southbound on the Alaska Highway along Muncho Lake - Sept 2015

Liard Hot Springs (Historical Milepost 497)

Visit my Liard Hot Springs page to see our favourite hot spring in BC, Alberta and Yukon.
We have visited in all seasons and have soaked at minus 40 temperatures in December.

Liard Hot Springs in winter, near Alaska Highway
At Liard in December 2001

Liard Hotsprings
Alpha pool at Liard Hot Springs - March 2013

North of Liard Hotsprings

See more of this section at:

Alaska Highway
Departing Liard Hotsprings northbound towards Yukon - March 2013

Bison on the Alaska Highway
Bison alongside the Alaska Highway - Sept 2017

Buffalo along the Alaska Highway
Bison resting alongside the highway, north of Liard Hot Springs - July 2008

Caribou beside the Alaska Highway - Sept 2017

Alaska Highway
Nouthbound on the Alaska Highway - September 2009

Alaska Highway north of Cranberry Rapids, British Columbia
Northbound on the Alaska Highway north of Cranberry Rapids - August 2010

More bison along the Alaska Highway south of the Yukon border near Watson Lake.

Bison near Alaska Highway in British Columbia
Bison connecting alongside the Alaska Highway - August 2010

Wood bison on the Alaska Highway
Bison on the Alaska Highway between Watson Lake and Liard Hotsprings - Sept 2015

Alaska Highway
March 2013

Into the Yukon again!

Yukon Sign alongside Alaska Highway near Watson Lake, Yukon
Sign near Watson Lake welcoming you to Yukon - August 2010

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