Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Campbell Highway, Yukon

05 July 2008 - Frances Lake to Watson Lake

Last night there were numerous RVs camped at Frances Lake that were VERY muddy. Chatted with one fellow to learn he had arrived from Watson Lake. So we expected a muddy road today. At the first construction zone, it was a guessing game about which track to take. There was no flag person so the red cones helped!

Campbell Highway mud
Construction on the Campbell Highway between Frances Lake and Simpson Lake

The crews were not working on this day at this site. It was a long construction zone with no pilot car. There also wasn't any traffic from the opposite direction, which was a good thing!

Campbell Highway construction zone
Construction zone on the Campbell Highway

At the next construction zone the crews were working. No pilot car through this zone. The flag person advised, "Go slow, stay out of the way of the equipment."

Soon we were in 4-wheel drive. Figured if the fifth wheel got stuck there was a big yellow machine nearby to pull us out.

Campbell Highway under construction, July 2008
Mud! and more mud and not sure which path to follow ...

The semi trucks hauling dirt didn't seem to have too much sympathy for us. Decided to follow one of the trucks since he likely knew which way to go.

Construction on Campbell Highway, Yukon
Following a haul truck through a construction zone on the Campbell Highway

The access to the Nahanni Range Road was almost unrecognizable. We happened to see the sign as we slid on by. That road was our favorite drive last year

It was with great relief that we reached Watson Lake, having managed the 100 mile drive from Frances Lake in 4.5 hours of mud, ruts and BYMs (big yellow machines).

The Downtown RV Park was a welcome sight, even though we usually avoid commercial campgrounds. The host was an easy-going fellow that was more than happy to park us on the outer edge of the campground away from everyone else. Most of the other RVs wanted to be close to the office so they could access the Wi-Fi. Steve invested three hours washing the truck and fifth wheel, while I washed clothes and shopped for groceries at the nearby store. The big red dog slept.

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