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South Canol Road and Campbell Highway, Yukon

Note: see my other page for pictures of the entire South Canol Road

04 July 2008

South Canol Road

After a very quiet night and restful sleep at Lapie Lake, we were on the road again, retracing yesterday's drive back to the Campbell Highway and Ross River.

South Canol Road, Yukon
Northbound on the South Canol

Lapie River, South Canol Road, Yukon
Lapie River

South of the Lapie Canyon bridge, the road traverses a hillside above the valley. In places it is very narrow; only one-lane. Note the front edge of the fifth wheel on the right side of the picture below.

South Canol Road over Lapie River, Yukon
South Canol Road on the hill alongside the Lapie River - note the front of the fifth wheel on the right

Fortunately, we did not meet an oncoming vehicle through this section.

South Canol Road, Yukon
Southbound on the South Canol, just north of Lapie Canyon bridge

We met a truck & camper at the junction of the South Canol and Campbell Highway. During the exchange of pleasantries, we learned the couple was from Germany and they wished to drive the South Canol. They understood the bridge was out near Quiet Lake and seemed assured to see a truck and fifth wheel exiting the road. They were looking forward to camping at Lapie Lake.

Ross River

We needed fuel so headed into Ross River. The station had diesel but was out of unleaded gasoline. This was the second station that trip that had diesel but no unleaded gas.

Ross River, Yukon
Filling up with diesel at Ross River

The gas station is also the local store, post office and bank.

Ross River, Yukon
Ross River gas station, store, post office and bank

We scooted out of town and enjoyed lunch along the Campbell Highway.

Ross River
Looking northward along the main street through Ross River

Campbell Highway

Campbell Highway
Dust from an oncoming vehicle, looking south on the Campbell Highway south of Ross River

Campbell Highway
Southbound on the Campbell Highway, south of Ross River

The highway was in much better condition in September 2007. It took four hours to drive from Ross River to Frances Lake Yukon Gov't campground.

Frances Lake campground, Campbell Highway, Yukon
Cleaning some mud off the truck at the campground

The bugs were very bad. We had to keep on the move to keep the mosquitoes out of our hair and off our faces. While we sat inside the fifth wheel, the mosquitoes lined themselves up on the screen windows looking for any opportunity to get inside. 

Frances Lake campground, Campbell Highway, Yukon
Campsite at Frances Lake - mosquito haven

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