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Kelsall Lake to Three Guardsmen Pass then back to
Haines Junction - Haines Highway

14 July 2013 - Sunday

Twenty-three years -- what a great spot to wake up on a wedding anniversary!

Haines Hwy
Morning on the road into Kelsall lake

As always, a morning dog walk. This time along the road - the easy route!

Haines Hwy
View from the Kelsall Lake Road

There was still forest fire smoke in the air. Mostly noticeable when looking into the sun.

Haines Hwy
Looking back towards the mountains above Kellsall Lake

The road looped around. The camper was visible in the distance.

Haines Hwy
The camper patiently waiting for our return

Back at the camper we loaded up and headed out. Back at the Haines Highway the truck turned south to see what we could see.

One of the first things we saw was a Golden Eagle hunting ground squirrel. The raptor tolerated my presence for a short while ...

The forest fire smoke created a reddish haze in the pictures.

Golden Eagle
I ruffled its feathers a bit and it shuffled around

Golden Eagle
It seems eagles aren't immune to the hordes of mosquitos flying around

Continuing south, Steve spotted a couple of moose in the distance.
The smoky haze made a good shot very challenging.

Moose in the distance.

A bit further south the air seemed clearer.

Haines Hwy
Roadside lake

The views on the Haines Highway go on and on.

Haines Hwy
Haines Highway into the distance

The highway is easy driving through this area.

Haines Hwy
Haines Highway

A quick stop at the Haines Summit for some green pictures.
Compare these to my white pictures from March 2013!

Haines Hwy
Haines Summit

In the fall, the colours turn to reds & yellows, also very beautiful! Today everything was green & blue though!

Haines Hwy
Not many trees in sight

Haines Hwy
Haines Highway on the tundra

There were some swans at the lake below. The telephoto didn't work well with the forest fire smoke that was in the air.

Haines Hwy
Marshy lake

Nearing the Yukon border, we turned into what was an old pump station on the Haines-Fairbanks pipeline. Dad worked with the pipeline and I was curious about the Blanchard Station. It is now a highway maintenance garage. As well, a Yukon outfitter starts river rafting trips from here.

We walked down to the Blanchard River from the driveway.

Haines Hwy
Blanchard River flows into the Tatshenshini River

Haines Hwy
Looking south on the Haines Highway from the driveway into the maintenance camp

Soon after turning onto the highway northbound, the B.C./Yukon border is marked.

Haines Hwy
Leaving British Columbia and Welcome to Yukon!

Near Million Dollar Falls Campground, the views to the east are still nice.

Haines Hwy
Looking east

Gee, we were feeling tired. This meandering is hard work. At the rest area overlooking Kathleen Lake we stopped for a snooze. We slept soundly until some ladies started poking around the camper, which riled the dogs! Nothing better than a bark alarm. It was amusing to hear the ladies squeal when they heard the dogs inside the camper!

Haines Hwy
Afternoon snooze at the rest area

Driving towards Haines Junction, the views just don't quit. There was less smoke in the air today but it was still visible.

Haines Hwy
2 km to Haines Junction

In August 2000, we rafted the Dezadeash River to the Alsek River, then stayed on the Alsek to Dry Bay, Alaska. Every time we drive over the bridge, I remember that great trip!

Haines Hwy
Dezadeash River at Haines Junction

In Haines Junction, the Alaska Highway requires a turn while those heading to Whitehorse from the Haines Highway can carry on straight.

Haines Hwy

A fun trip. Absolutely love that we can simply head out for an easy overnight in the wilderness!

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