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Beaver Creek to Kluane Lake - Alaska Highway, Yukon

20 September 2014 - Saturday

Hmmm...tried to prepare breakfast this morning but the propane wasn't working right. Wouldn't even boil the kettle for coffee. So we walked over to Ida's Cafe for breakfast and pondered what to do without propane.

Must be time to hit the road. Too bad! We had hoped to visit more in Beaver Creek!

Alaska Highway
Looking northwest from the Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway
Mountains to the west of the Alaska Highway

Around Beaver Creek there is much permafrost and frozen ground. Thus the trees don't grow tall. These trees have been this size since I was a kid, I'm sure!

Alaska Highway
Spruce and marsh over permafrost along the Alaska Highway

At the White River we decided to take a walk to the river's edge.

Alaska Highway
Looking west towards the White River bridge

The river seemed low, very low.

Alaska Highway
Looking east on the White River, with Horsecamp Hill on the left

Further along we again bumped along the highway.

Alaska Highway
Road damage due to the permafrost

Alaska Highway
The stretches of highway under repair were gravel

Alaska Highway
Marshy lake areas to the west of the Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway
West on the Donjek River

Alaska Highway
The Duke River

Alaska Highway
Soutbound towards Burwash Landing with Kluane Lake in the distance

Stopped at Destruction Bay to get some propane. BUT the tank was almost full -- what? After hooking it back up, it worked fine. Hmmmm...

So we carried on. Pulled into Congdon Creek campground again, BUT our favourite spot was occupied. So we decided to continue south and look for a spot to pull in for the night.

Alaska Highway
Alongside Kluane Lake

Alaska Highway
Kluane Lake

Steve decided to drop his line into the lake while I prepared dinner. Within minutes a trout was on the hook! This meant steak and fresh trout for dinner - YUM!

Steve and his trout

After dinner we settled in for a quiet evening around the fire.

Alaska Highway
Colourful evening beside Kluane Lake 

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